Ball-jointed dolls (BJDs)

I discovered ball-jointed dolls (BJDs) in 2004 and was blown away by how versatile they were as a creative medium. It is not uncommon that owners learn to paint, sew, modify, photograph and tell amazing stories with them.

My first BJD is Caleb, a Bluefairy Niky from Korea.

He was purchased in 2005 before Japanese and Korean doll manufacturers decided selling their wares overseas was a good idea, so the fact he arrived safe and sound after weeks of nervous nail-biting makes Caleb extra special to me.

He was soon followed by his sister, Colette (Bluefairy May).

Kiera Clement (Volks Margaret) and Laetitia Clement (Volks YoSD Papi) would never have joined the growing family without the help of dear friend, Steph.

And finally, there’s little Philippe (Volks YoSD Shinn) and an unnamed boy (Bluefairy Louis).

I can be commissioned to paint a doll’s face-up at my Den of Angels’ store – A Night’s Dreaming. Examples of my past work are available there.