Hi, I’m Melissa Loh!

This blog is a passion project to chronicle my journey through time and space. That journey has taken me from my homeland Singapore, to Oulu (Finland) on an internship and now to Brisbane, Australia. This blog is a hodge podge of food ramblings, craft projects, family contemplations and garden frustrations – as varied as life itself.

My partners in crime include my geeky husband (often referred to as the SO), our cheeky son (Bubby) and our cockatiel Q.

Singaporean ★ Resident of Australia ★ Closet fangirl ★ Addict in denial ★ Hypocrite ★ Foodie ★ Bookworm ★ Music whore ★ Cyber stalker ★ Has selective hearing ★ Foulmouth ★ Francophile ★ Japanophile ★ Infinite wanderlust ★ Animal lover ★ Weirdo magnet ★ Online 24-7 ★ Insanely boring 99% of the time