Little Mister’s 3rd Birthday Party

Pinterest is both my saviour and destructor. Whether I want to find toddler crafts and activities or salad inspiration, Pinterest will save the day! Yet when it comes to organising a kid’s birthday party, Pinterest has a knack for making me quake with fear. There are hundreds of stunning and imaginative party inspirations – from slumber parties to dinosaur excavations to unicorn themed cakes. The attention to detail makes me weep. And I work in events!

As much as I would love to lavish our only child with the biggest birthday party, we cannot afford to spend hundreds – much less thousands – of dollars on a 3-year-old’s birthday party. Instead, the Little Mister’s 3rd Birthday Party was celebrated earlier this month at our home with some of his friends and family.

Third Birthday Party - our family

While I’m gutted we couldn’t invite more friends, it was for the best. Our little apartment felt cramped with eight adults and three kids. The SO had to turn on the air-conditioner by midday, as the humidity was stifling with the threat of rain.

Nevertheless, the kids had a great time playing with all the toys, and the Little Mister was obsessed with ripping off the wrapping. His current obsession is the original Ghostbusters, so his favourite birthday gift was a Ghostbusters Electronic Proton Pack.

Third Birthday Party - guests and family gathered in the living room

Little Mister has come such a long way since that first day we held him in our arms. He can now:

  • Speak in full sentences
  • Express some of his emotions (angry and grumpy are the most mentioned)
  • Can articulate what he wants
  • Load and unload the washing machine
  • Blow out his candles without spitting into his cake
  • Actively seeks to make friendships with other kids

Third Birthday Party - unwrapping a birthday present

Since this was an intimate party, I planned a morning tea simple enough that I could make beforehand.

And most importantly that both adults and kids would eat.


The Menu

The Preparation

I did the following the day before:

  • Made and baked the ham and cheese pinwheels. Refrigerated them overnight once cooled.
  • Made and baked the spinach and ricotta rolls. Refrigerated them overnight once cooled.
  • Made and baked the chocolate cake.
  • Made the chocolate buttercream frosting. Iced the cake.
  • Added decorations to the cake. Stored covered at room temperature overnight.
  • Made chocolate covered banana pops. Refrigerated them overnight once cooled.

Third Birthday Party - homemade spinach and ricotta rolls

Third Birthday Party - homemade chocolate cake with chocolate icing, ready for decorations

Two hours before guests were due to arrive:

  • Assemble the sandwiches.
  • Wash and cut the fruit.

One hour before guests were due to arrive:

  • Preheat the oven.
    • Warm the ham and cheese pinwheels.
    • Warm the spinach and ricotta rolls.
  • Assemble the cheese and dip platter.
  • Set everything on the table

Third Birthday Party - chocolate birthday cake with banana candy and happy birthday candle

Third Birthday Party - food selection

Preparing this way made the party go a lot easier. I was also able to communicate to the SO what and when I needed help with. I had more time to enjoy everyone’s company and make memories with the Little Mister, rather than for him.

Hopefully I’ll be just as prepared next year, but on a larger scale with more friends!