The perfect pizzas at Italian Street Kitchen

Italian St Kitchen

Carne. AUD$16

I don’t think there’s a person out there who has never had a pizza. This versatile disc of baked dough is everywhere, and now gluten-free and vegan versions are becoming ubiquitous. What’s not to love?

I have certainly had my fair share of pizza. I have even conducted The Australian Delivery Pizza Taste Challenge back in 2014. That was a lot of fun.

But the perfect pizza? Now, THAT is the holy grail and I think I have found it at Italian Street Kitchen.


The Venue

We’ve been visiting the Italian Street Kitchen‘s only Queensland outlet at Gasworks in Newstead for a while now. The entire area is getting a mother of all facelifts, and Italian Street Kitchen is in the middle of all this development at the fresh Gasworks Plaza.

The restaurant’s front is open floor to ceiling onto Skyring Terrace, which gets plenty of gorgeous sun and sky. It should have Brisbane River views, but it is currently blocked by development walls from the upcoming Waterfront apartments across the road. Italian Street Kitchen will undoubtedly have a more reduced view once development is complete.

On arrival, you’ll be asked to wait to be seated. Seating options are generally catered to families and groups – tables of four. Tables are generously spaced with wider aisles (thumbs up for those with prams or kids).

Don’t bother trying to get on-street parking – that situation is beyond dire in the area. Instead, take your chances with the underground parking at the Gasworks Plaza instead.


The Service

Each table is already locked and loaded with menus – folded paper squares that remind me of roadmaps. They’re not complicated and are not too daggy, so they must be replaced quite frequently.

Each table also has scissors, because adult pizzas are served uncut on cardboard ‘plates’. This might not be something most people are used to, but I think that I can cut my pizza whichever way I see fit.

Even though you’re ushered to an available table, Italian Street Kitchen is counter service. You are invited to order and make payment at the counter.

The food will be served to you at your table. It has never taken our orders very long to prepare. However, the best part is they have ALWAYS prepared and served our toddler his kids’ pizza within 10-15 mins of our order. This is fantastic when your little one is hungry and is running out of patience for his food.

Water is available on tap opposite the ordering station. Sometimes the wait staff bring it to you, sometimes they might not. You can help yourself to as many cups as you need.

And there is a sink right beside the water station to wash those pizza drippings from your hands, so you don’t have to trek around the corner to hunt for the public restroom.


The Food

Italian St Kitchen

While there are a number of items on their menus, Italian Street Kitchen is mostly known for their pizzas.

And with very good reason.

Their pizza bases are practically paper thin and evenly cooked right to the middle. The dough, which is apparently risen over 48 hours, is incredibly light and doesn’t taste yeasty. It is not difficult for most people to finish one on their own. In fact, you probably wouldn’t want to share anyway.

The toppings are varied. There are nine options available, ranging from the ever simple and classic Margherita (AUD$13 for mozzarella, parmesan and basil) to meaty Carne (AUD$16 for Casalingo salami, Roman porchetta, pork sausage, ham, red onion, tomato and mozzarella).

My personal favourite Italian Street Kitchen pizza at the moment is the Funghi. It has stretchy mozzarella, Gorgonzola, mushroom, parmesan and parsley. The beauty is its simplicity – little bursts of salty Gorgonzola with the subtle earthiness of mushrooms.

The Capricciosa is a very close second because, in addition to mozzarella, Champagne ham, mushrooms, Kalamata olives, basil and parmesan, it has artichoke hearts. And I love artichoke hearts.

You can also customise your pizza with add-ons at $2 each, but I suggest trying their pizzas as they are first. I have yet to try any of their pizzas and feel a need to switch things up.

One of the best parts of the Italian Street Kitchen menu is their kids’ section. It only has three options, but they are all super simple – pizza Margherita (Napoli sauce and mozzarella), pizza ham (Napoli sauce, mozzarella and champagne ham) and pasta rigatoni/spaghetti (Napoli or bolognese sauce). This is great for picky eaters and younger kids who still reject complex flavours. Mr Almost-Three always devours his own pizza ham without hesitation at every visit.

Italian St Kitchen - Gustosa. AUD$16.50

Gustosa. AUD$16.50

Italian St Kitchen - Kids menu pizza ham. AUD$7.50

Kids menu pizza ham. AUD$7.50

Italian St Kitchen - Ravioli. AUD$16

Ravioli. AUD$16

Italian St Kitchen - Funghi. AUD$16

Funghi. AUD$16


The Verdict

You’ll find the perfect pizzas at Italian Street Kitchen, so if you haven’t been yet, you need to drop in for your next pizza hit. They are simple and made with lovely fresh ingredients that speak for themselves.

It is also one of those rare establishments that have given consideration to those with kids in tow, making it a gem for families looking for the perfect place to share a lovely meal with loved ones young and old.


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