Order homecooked food cooked by your neighbour – FoodByUs launch

Menulog co-founder Gary Munitz launched new startup FoodByUs in Sydney last year, and it’s now finally in Brisbane!

FoodByUs allows vetted passionate local cooks to list their homemade food on a platform. Buyers then select what they want and either collect their order or get it delivered for a delivery fee depending on the location.

FoodByUs have already signed up over 75 Brisbane makers, so there is plenty of choice! Some of the ones I’m already eyeing are:

I’ve already ordered Ugly Food and Co.‘s Beef Rendang and Achar Awak Malaysian Pickle, which will be delivered this Friday. I can’t wait to share how that goes with you!

Word of warning: always check the delivery cost. I’ve found delivery costs can vary widely from $5 to $31.

By the way, if you use this unique code at checkout: MELLR7UV: 

  1. You get $25 off your first order (minimum spend $50)
  2. I’ll earn $25 credit
  3. And I go into a draw to win $500 in FoodByUs credit (which I will share if you let me know you ordered with my code)

Everybody wins!

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