ANFE Italian Club

ANFE Italian Club - Aperol Spritz

Aperol Spritz. AUD$15

My hairdresser raved about ANFE Italian Club, which is just round the corner from us. It seemed a shame to not visit a potential local and I’ve been missing good Italian!

With the SO and Little Mister in tow, we stopped in one early Saturday evening. We managed not needing to register and pay for a membership to dine, but I might change my mind!

The Venue

ANFE Italian Club
ANFE Italian Club isn’t terribly fancy. Tables were draped in black and white, all set and ready to go for anyone walking in. Fairy lights, paper pompoms and a lone disco ball hang overhead to provide some festivity. The two screens

Fairy lights, paper pompoms and a lone disco ball hang overhead to provide some festivity. The two screens were airing Italian television, but the volume was low and wasn’t a distraction.

A large stage towered over the respectably large dance floor. I can imagine large family birthdays, christenings and even wedding parties being held here.

The Service

A mature aged server with a lovely Italian accent served our table. I found him very personable and it definitely added to the experience.

It was a slow night and orders were taken quickly. Our server had no trouble describing them and making some recommendations when asked about the various dishes.

The Food

While there were specials written on the chalkboard next to the bar, it was hidden from our view. Nevertheless, you will be spoilt for choice with the regular menu.

I have never had an Aperol spritz before and felt a sudden urge to go a little ‘wild’ – I swear motherhood has dulled my edge. The Aperol spritz was sweet, but its bitter finish lingered and mellowed the beverage. I am pretty sure it had plenty of kick left from the alcohol. My Asian genes did not kick in to make my face resemble a baboon’s butt, so thumbs up!

ANFE Italian Club - Pizza Verdue. AUD$23

Pizza Verdue. AUD$23

Little Mister loves pizza, so I got the Pizza Verdue to share with him. Mozzarella, house sauce and selection of grilled vegetables topped the stone baked pizza base. The vegetables included zucchini, eggplant and broccoli.

I have had better pizzas elsewhere, but ANFE Italian Club‘s was perfectly fine. It was thin crust and evenly cooked to the middle – there is nothing worse than soggy undercooked pizzas in the centre. I love that the vegetables were fresh and weren’t soggy. The chef had not overloaded the pizza with toppings either – the true Italian way!

ANFE Italian Club
ANFE Italian Club‘s duck ragu gnocchi was the best!

The cotton candy soft texture handmade potato gnocchi blew me away. I have never had such amazing gnocchi before and this will be the standard I will measure all other gnocchi.

The duck ragu itself was very robust, the aroma of rosemary hanging heavily around it. It clung and coated the gnocchi, making it the perfect match. The plate was almost licked clean. If that’s not a testament to how good it was, I don’t know what is!

The other sauce option is verdi (the veg option). It is a green sauce made with spinach and cheese fondue. I am tempted to give that version a go next!

ANFE Italian Club - Gnocchi di patate with duck ragu. AUD$25

Gnocchi di patate with duck ragu. AUD$25

And a carafe of ANFE Italian Club‘s house wine (red or white) is only AUD$10 – how affordable is that! You don’t even bother with BYO!

I definitely plan to come back again to sample the rest of the menu!


ANFE Italian Club
10 Wyanda Street, Teneriffe, Brisbane, Australia
Tel: (07) 3252 2387

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