BF Food Court

BF Food Court - front door

When a girlfriend raves about a yum cha place, I sit up and listen. It is the quintessential high tea of the east, and there is nothing I like better than catching up with friends, yakking and cackling away like a hyena over some great selection of food and tea.

The Venue

BF Food Court is in Springwood, so it can be a bit of a trek for city slickers. However I reckon it is worth the trip.

BF Food Court is totally old-school. Walking through those doors took me back to Chinese family dinners with the wider clan – adults talking over each other to decide what to order and kids banging plastic chopsticks on the ceramic dishes to entertain themselves. Thick carpets muffle the patter of little childrens’ feet, and wide streamers and red lanterns dangle overhead.

BF Food Court

There are plenty of family style tables, and booth tables on the stage – very likely for those wishing to host Chinese weddings or large extravagant celebrations. My girlfriend warned the place gets busy on the weekend, but on this occasion, we were there on a very quiet Wednesday.

The Service

BF Food Court is not a traditional yumcha trolley service, but it is still table service. We were presented with menus and order slips, but had to request for English menus with pictures. Although the order slip is in Chinese, you can match them with the corresponding numbers.

BF Food Court - order sheet

BF Food Court - picture menu in English

The Food

Between the three of us, we had:

  • Siew mai (no. 1)
  • Har gao (no. 2)
  • Prawn dumplings with XO sauce (no. 3)
  • Pork ribs in black bean sauce (no. 4)
  • Chicken feet in bean sauce (no. 6)
  • Scallop and prawn dumpling (no. 9)
  • Xiao long bao (no. 12)
  • Rice roll with prawn (no. 18)
  • Steamed rice with lap cheong (no. 34)
  • Pan fried radish cake (no. 39)
  • Deep fried beancurd sheet roll with prawn (no. 41)

BF Food Court - mosaic of dim sum dishes

The highlight items were the prawn dumplings with XO sauce, rice roll with prawn and deep fried beancurd sheet roll with prawn. The only item we regretted ordering was the steamed rice with lap cheong.

Including tea, the total bill came up to about $60 – not a bad way to damage your wallet.

Or your waistline.


BF Food Court
2898-2900 Logan Road, Springwood, Brisbane
Tel: (07) 3423 3686

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