The Beginners’ Tutorial List of Sewing and Mending

Beginner Sewing & Mending Tutorial

When a colleague learnt I could sew, she asked me if I would help take up her husband’s pants. I readily agreed and she brought in three pairs the very next day. And over the next few months, she would bring in several pants at a time for my alterations.

I was surprised, until I learnt how much alterations cost by professional seamstresses. Now I would never take in a wedding dress or work with a tricky material, such as chiffon – but mending a small hole or taking in a pair of pants can be easily done at home. And you can learn how for free!

Here are 10 sewing and mending tutorials for beginners to get you started.



  1. How to sew a button (video)
  2. How to mend a hole in a tshirt (video)
  3. How to mend small holes in jeans (video)
  4. How to mend a hole in socks (video)

Hemming and alterations

  1. How to hem fabrics by hand using the blind stitch (video)
  2. How to hem with sewing machine (video)
  3. How to hem jeans and keep the cuff (video)
  4. How to hem jeans – no sew (video – 0:00 until 4:07)
  5. How to downsize jeans (photo tutorial)
  6. How to downsize jeans (resizing waist and legs) (video)


And as a bonus, here’s a video on how to fix the most common problems with zippers.


Do you sew and mend your own clothes? Which do you do the most?