Happy #CheeseLoversDay!

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Hands up, cheese lovers!

Happy #CheeseLoversDay!

Do you remember your earliest cheese memories? I do!

Just about the only cheese I had access to growing up in Singapore was Kraft’s parmesan cheese. Whenever my mum made spaghetti bolognese, I would pour a towering pyramid of the stuff out of those green and yellow tins. Much to the dismay of my family, because they thought it stank like sweaty socks.

Well, I didn’t complain about the stench when they ate durians.

Yes, I’m a weird Singaporean for not enjoying durians as much as most.

By the way, this is my favourite ode to cheese.

So to celebrate #CheeseLoversDay, I’m sharing some cheeses you can make at home and Australian cheeses you can love.


Make Your Own Cheese

Making your own cheese seems like a terribly complicated (and perhaps dangerous) process, but if you want to give it a whirl, here are some cheeses you can make at home.

Labneh is a super simple fresh cheese you can make with Greek yoghurt, cheesecloth, a sieve and some string. Try adding fresh herbs for a flavour kick. Other simple cheeses you can make at home are paneer (milk and limes) and ricotta (milk, cream, lemons and salt).

If you’d like to get more advanced, try Mad Millie’s cheese making kits. I got one of their first cheese making kits at a food show ages ago to make my own feta – a success! The kit even came with its own small purple eksy. I don’t think any of their kits include the eksy anymore, but they do contain everything to make your own range of cheeses, including halloumi and mozzarella.


Australian Cheese You Gotta Try

The world of cheese is a lot bigger than Kraft cheese slices, so get out there and love them all!

Here are just some of my favourites. They are made right here in Australia, and some of them could possibly be in your local supermarket!

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