My 10 Goals for 2017

My 10 Goals for 2017

How many of you start off the year with a bunch of resolutions, only to find that they were forgotten before the end of January?

After years of failed resolutions, I thought I had given up New Year’s resolutions. Resignation may seem like the easy way, but no one said life was easy. Besides, why should I give up on myself? Shouldn’t I look towards making changes and improvements to better life at home, work and play?

I’m turning to SMART goals this year. These are goals which are Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Relevant and Time-based. And by sharing it with YOU, I am holding myself present and accountable.

I hope to review how far along I am getting with these goals along the way, so here they are.

Marriage goals

Go on 1 date every 2nd month – We focused on keeping Little Mister alive his first year in 2015, and 2016 has been about encouraging his independence. Now that Little Mister is really coming into his own, I need to reinvest time into our relationship and refocus on each other outside of our roles as parents. Movie night, fancy dinner… anything that gives us the opportunity to reconnect one on one.

Celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary in October – I cannot believe it, but this year will mark a decade of marriage. All that hard work is worth celebrating! I have no idea how we might celebrate (a friend suggested we should have 10 consecutive days of sex to celebrate), so I would love ideas and suggestions!


Family goals

Create and stick to a cleaning schedule – Now that we own our own home, I want to keep on top of maintaining it. Leaving annual cleaning tasks to a few days of spring cleaning is too overwhelming. Let’s hope breaking it down over the course of the year will help.

Create weekly meal plans for home cooked meals 5 days a week – Having a mortgage for the first time is incredible daunting and is prompting me to be more mindful of our spending. We tend to get lazy and eat out more often than I’d like, but when I have a weekly meal plan, it reduces what we spend in the markets and shops, the food wastage and dining out.


Personal goals

Read 30 books by the end of the year – I almost reached this goal in 2016 with 22 books read, so I’d like to try this again this year. BookBub is an amazing resource for deals on ebooks. I signed up for daily notifications on the latest deals and free ebooks to download on my iPhone. My plan is to read two ebooks a week.

Spend 15 mins every 2nd day on sun salutations – surely I can afford 15 mins to myself every other day. Little Mister has shown an interest whenever I do them with Yoga Studio app, so I’d like to set a good example by starting the day mindfully. Besides, waking up with a sore back is not aging gracefully.

Meet up with a friend once a fortnight – being a SAHM and remote worker can be isolating. For the sake of my mental and emotional health, I need to grab a coffee, lunch or just hang out with friends. And I really want to be a better friend in 2017.


Professional goals

Create and stick to a monthly editorial calendar – I have a list of blogpost ideas for every month. An editorial calendar will keep my writing organised and (hopefully) consistent. My next step is to batch write posts at the beginning of each month, freeing me to work on planning and achieving other goals for my writing.

Attend one conference – I came away inspired, energised and filled with ideas after attending Problogger last year. It is addictive and this is one way to invest in my own professional development. I would love to attend Problogger again, but the Brisbane Writers Festival and Australian Writers’ Centre have both been in my sights for awhile. If you have attended either, I’d love to hear what you thought of it.


What are YOUR goals for 2017? Share them in the comments!