What are you up to this weekend?



The New Year has come and gone, so welcome to 2017!!!

This week is short and has flown by so quickly.  Hopefully you are still not suffering the ill-effects from your New Year shenanigans, and your first week of 2017 is setting the tone for some awesome-ness ahead.

The weather in Brisbane has shown both summer extremes – stinking hot humid vampire-killin’ sunshine and apocalyptic rain storms. It has been tricky keeping our active Mister engaged indoors, so if you are hunting for ideas this weekend, here are a couple of suggestions.

In the meantime, stay hydrated and safe, everyone!


Day out with Thomas

The Workshops Rail Museum are running their Day Out with Thomas exhibit till Thursday January 26, 2017. If you have a child who is a Thomas & Friends fanatic, this would be a great day out for them. They have a number of activity stations, larger than life exhibits, and of course story time and performance with The Fat Controller.

Thomas Day Out

Here is an adults-at-kids-prices promo code: THOMAS17FUN.

Tickets must be purchased online and it won’t be locked to any specific date during the exhibition.

Hadron Collider

Indulge your inner geek and step into the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator – the Hadron Collider exhibition at the Queensland Museum. The SO is dying to see this one!

You have plenty of time to visit as it is open now till April 25, 2017, but the Queensland Museum is also running a Hadron Collider… After Dark on Friday February 3, 2017.


The markets return!

Have you missed the markets over the holiday season? A number of them will be back on this weekend, so grab your shopping bags and baskets to load up on some Christmas season bargains.