Petrichor & Co

I went through a bit of a phase with Petrichor & Co, and visited them for breakfast almost every week for awhile. They ticked a lot of boxes for me and they might for you too.

Petrichor & Co

Petrichor & Co - breakfast spread with turmeric latte

The Venue

Walking into Petrichor & Co feels roomy and light. The walkway in front of it is covered, but there is plenty of natural light to read the morning paper and sip your coffee leisurely.

Tables and benches are well-spaced apart, with seating options for the solo or couple diner, small and large groups. The tables are thankfully not tiny, so there is room for meals and beverages when you’re with a dining companion (or two). Some tables also have simple small vessels with some flowers, that are not cluttered.

You can watch some of the hustle and bustle in their open kitchen, or watch meals hit the pass (a habit I have when I’m hungry and impatient).

Petrichor & Co does have access to a dedicated free parking area for their building, but there is also on-street parking in the area. Don’t be fooled: Racecourse Road is nearby, so you might not get a park at their doorstep. Just keep your eyes peeled.


The Service

Petrichor & Co offer table service, but I pay at the counter. I usually drop in on Wednesday or Thursday, so the service isn’t never swarmed. They have always been speedy, pleasant to interact with and quite happy to answer any questions about the menu.


The Food

While the food at Petrichor & Co is all fresh and delicious, it can be hard to pigeon-hole. They seem to draw from a number of influences.

For example, ‘Calendato‘ – the name of the dish below is apparently Italian, but Petrichor & Co describes it as a Columbian bubble and squeak. The bowl contains beans, rice, corn salsa, maduritas (which I think may be plantain) and is topped with a fried egg. If this dish is still on the menu, I highly recommend having it with the chorizo (extra $2). It is super hearty and perfect if you are about to turn into the Hulk from hanger.

Petrichor & Co - Calendato. AUD$18

Calendato. AUD$18

However if this is a little too “out there” for your first meal of the day, Petrichor & Co‘s breakfast menu does have toast (AUD$5.50), smashed avocado on sourdough (AUD$14.50) and banana spelt pancakes (AUD$17.50)… but let’s be a little more adventurous!

Chia seeds might have originated from the South Americas, but it has certainly been adopted by the world and made its own. Yet I find nothing worse than chia seed puddings that are 80% chia seeds and little else. I get that it has super health benefits, but eating a whole glob of the slimey stuff isn’t my idea of fun.

Petrichor & Co‘s coconut chia seed pudding is just about the perfect balance for me – layers of chia seed interspaced by a variety of fresh sweet fruit, maple syrup and fruity jelly, crunchy nut and sesame seed praline.

Petrichor & Co - Coconut chia seed pudding. AUD$12

Coconut chia seed pudding. AUD$12

Petrichor & Co‘s Power Seed Almond Milk Porridge is my favourite thing on their breakfast menu though.

First of all, there is heaps of it – perfect when you are hungry and need heaps of energy to face the rest of the day. Not only do you get a large bowl of porridge, there is a WHOLE vanilla poached pear. Talk about an energy hit!

Besides the pear, there is also loads of fresh fruit – strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. Those were in season, so I’d love to see this stay on the menu with other seasonal fruit later in the year.

The Power Seed Almond Milk Porridge also has toasted almonds, so it is not plain mushy porridge. Each mouthful gives you something to bite into!

Petrichor & Co - Power Seed Almond Milk Porridge. AUD$15

Power Seed Almond Milk Porridge. AUD$15

Also Petrichor & Co don’t do a bad coffee, but try something different and give their turmeric latte (AUD$4.50) a go. It has ginger, cinnamon, black pepper (there’s apparently research that proves pepper increases the bioavailability of turmeric) and panela (an unrefined cane sugar) – and it’s bloody delicious!


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