A Foodie Gift Guide

Your partner is a foodie and there’s a special occasion only weeks away. In fact, Christmas is less than 6 weeks away – what on earth do you get them?

They already have a really well-stocked kitchen. They have everything from buckets of cookie cutters, multiple knives, drawers full of garlic presses and ladles. They even have a Kitchen Aide and a Thermomix to top the collection off.

Here are a couple of ideas to get out there enjoying culinary related experiences, where neither you nor the dishwasher will have to work for your meal. And you’ll be supporting some of the local businesses and groups you might have never known existed.

Quirky gifts

My love for Etsy knows no bounds and there are some cool gifts you can pick up, such as these laser engraved foodie dice by TwoTmbleweeds. They even have a set for mixologists and desserts, so inspire your foodie!

Amazon is also a treasure trove of quirky foodie gift ideas. Care to challenge your foodie’s food trivia knowledge? Try the trivia game Food Fight and Food Fight Rematch.

But if you’re looking for something a little more practical, I love everything Dreamfarm makes. If you need to narrow it down, their garlic press and chopping board feet are pretty amazing. And a baker might really like the whisk wiper.


Dining experience at a supper club

Supper clubs were all the rage back in 2014, but just because Brisbane’s Red Robin Supper Club and Tuscancy Supper Club are now quiet doesn’t mean you need to give up on the idea of treating your loved one with a unique dining experience at a supper club.

Try Farrier in Fortitude Valley or keep your eye on the Hard To Find Supper Club Facebook page for updates on their next event.


A day or farmstay at a local farm

Visiting farms is not just for little kids! Maleny Dairies run tours and there are other farms offering farm stays as well, such as:


A subscription to a Community-supported agriculture group

Food Connect is the only community supported agriculture group I know of in Brisbane, but there might be one in your area. Food Connect offer a range of products, including meat and dairy – but I did love just collecting a box of fresh fruit and vegetables every week. You never know quite what you’ll be getting, but half the fun is working out how to use something you might never see in a supermarket.

These groups engage local farmers to supply fresh in season food (while paying them a fair price), so more of your dollars go directly to the growers.


Putia Pure Food Kitchen - March Mushroom Masterclass

Cooking classes

There are heaps of cooking schools and classes to choose from:

Or if you really wanna wow them, couple the cooking classes with a holiday trip. I highly recommend The Agrarian Kitchen in Tasmania. We went there several years ago and enjoyed every minute we spent with Rodney and Severine.