My Month In Review – October 2016

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My Month in Review for October is rather late, but as I mentioned before, things have been crazy and it’s about to get crazier still!

The end of November will mark the beginning of my conference work on the road to Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. I’m looking forward to being back in the thick of it – meeting new people, catching up with old friends, travel, food and working with a great team.


1. The SO’s birthday

Was a bit of a non-event. Is this what happens when you become a parent? Suddenly your birthday is kinda meaningless, while your kid’s birthday becomes THE event on the calendar?

Yah, parenthood can be kinda sucky.

We did have a lovely Cheesecake Shop Boston mudcake though.


2. Morning at Tallebudgera Creek

The original plan was to spend the early morning with friends at Tallebudgera Creek down the Gold Coast, but friends had to bow out the day before. I was coming down with the flu and wasn’t feeling hot shit either, but the SO insisted we go anyway and we had an amazing morning.

The SO found the perfect shady parking spot. The water was cool, the weather was sunny and hot (despite the forecast saying it would be cloudy and maximum 21°C), and we settled down on a great beach spot. Mr 1.5 spent most of his time splashing in the waves to fill his bucket with water and lugging it up to the beach to fill his hole in the sand.

Even Bubby smashing his head and biting his tongue on a playground ride, and needing RACQ to rescue us from a dead car battery didn’t put a damper on the day.


3. We’re home owners!!!

So I shared last that we have finally become home owners. We have been keeping this hush-hush, because we’ve had offers and contracts fall through in the past. We have spent COUNTLESS Saturdays over the years – going to home opens, analysing our needs and discussing our priorities.

This new place is not the biggest apartment or house. It doesn’t tick everything on our list, but:

  • it is within our budget
  • in a district we love
  • in a school catchment we want

It took our tiler 4 days to complete re-tiling 45 sq m worth of floor space, but there are still a number of improvements we’d like to make. All in good time!

P.S. If anyone knows of a great contact for doing up wardrobes, let me know!