The most Instagrammed cake in the world

The most Instagrammed cake in the world is Black Star Pastry‘s watermelon strawberry cake.

Black Star Pastry very recently came to Brisbane as part of this year’s Brisbane Night Noodle Markets.

But if you didn’t slap on your patience pants and brave the queues for it, the only way to get your gob on this beautiful cake is to visit their stores in Sydney.

Now I mentioned I was in Sydney for work a few weeks back. My hotel was in Newtown and guess what?

Black Star Pastry has a store in Newtown!

Black Star Pastry

I thought the stars had finally aligned and I would finally get to taste this cake.

But alas, I was twarted and I never got to Instagram the most Instagrammed cake in the world while I was in Sydney.

Here’s what happened…

Black Star Pastry

I woke up early and planted my ass outside the cafe at 6:45am, waiting for its doors to open at 7am.

Once opened, I entered and had a bit of a peek around before approaching to ask for their watermelon strawberry cake. I was informed they were made somewhere else and had not been delivered to the store yet. The ballpark figure was 30 minutes.

Since I wasn’t meeting my colleagues until 8am, I said I’d wait and have a latte while I was waiting.

I enjoyed my latte and checked in at 7:30am. Still no cake delivery. It might be another 20 mins.

Ooooooook. I can still wait 20 mins.

Black Star Pastry

I peruse the other cakes in the window and make mental notes about which other cakes I will purchase in those 20 mins.

I checked in at 7:50am. I’m told while the cake has arrived, it’ll take them 30 mins to slice it up.

30 mins to slice up cake? Really?!

My phone buzzes with a text from my boss, so I abandon the watermelon strawberry cake and order the other ones instead.

So I came thiiiiiiiis close to the most Instagrammed cake in the world.

Guess I’ll just have to content myself with other people’s instagrams until our next trip to Sydney.

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