My Month In Review – September 2016

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September marks the beginning of spring here in Australia. Some jacarandas trees have already started carpeting the ground with their purple blooms and I cannot wait for the season to be in full swing.

Unfortunately it also spells the beginning of the busy season for us.

I’m already in the thick of it with work. It makes me so thankful we can afford childcare at an amazing facility, where they hire some truly lovely carers. Knowing Bubby is learning and playing with his peers in a safe environment gives me the peace of mind to focus, and the SO and I some space for sanity.

Not that it hasn’t been crazy around here.

Trip to the emergency room

1. Bub’s first trip to the emergency room

You never want to be THAT parent. You know, the one who everyone thinks is paranoid or overreacting to the slightest thing. We certainly didn’t want to be tagged the overprotective parents, but after several days with a runny nose, conjunctivitis, a week of fevers and no appetite, enough was enough.

Bubby started shivering and twitching one evening. After unsuccessfully trying several home doctor services, we took Bubby into emergency at the Lady Cilentro Childrens’ Hospital. We got in at 10pm and didn’t leave till 4am. Bubby had to be pinned down for a blood test and we had to hold a collection jar for a hour to collect a urine sample. Anything serious was thankfully eliminated.

Let’s hope it’ll be many more years before we have to take him in again.


Problogger Conference #PBEvent2016

2. Problogger Conference 2016

This year is the first time I attended Problogger and it was amazing!

Would I go again? Yes!

But next year, I’d make arrangements to stay at the venue if the SO and Bubby are tagging along. They have beautiful water features at the swimming pool, which will be perfect when Bubby is 2 years old.

If you have been thinking about attending, do it!

Or if you’d like to access the recordings from this year’s event, you can with a virtual ticket. Let me know if you’re interested.


3. Orange Sky Laundry Winner

I have not received it yet, but OMG! I’m so excited and please help the Good Guys help Orange Sky Laundry.

Problogger Orange Sky Laundry Prize


4. Sydney for work


Since Bubby was born, we have spent every night together. He and the SO came along on my work trip in December last year.

So this is the first trip I’ve taken without Bubby. We spent three days and two nights apart.

And they sucked.

Contrary to what you might think, I had a lot of difficulty falling asleep and slept poorly without his warm little body (and sometimes limbs) pressed up against me.

I love my work and I am so grateful it allows me to work flexible hours around my family’s needs. I love the travel, but in the end, I’m also happy to be home with my men.



5. Mooncake Festival

Even though we’re many miles away, we are so lucky to have friends to celebrate Mooncake Festival with. Jun brought back some mooncakes for us from her recent Singapore trip and Lilian hosted us at her home.

The only thing I regret is we could not find any lanterns for the boys. We will have to be more prepared for next year.

Do YOU know where to buy Chinese lanterns in Brisbane?