Breakfast at The Priory

Have you already noticed that breakfast is our thing these days? Bubby wakes us up at 5:30am and goes to bed between 6:30pm – 7:30pm, so restaurant dinners are much rarer. Does that sound familiar? I’m not complaining though, because I got to have breakfast at the Priory.

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Pablo has been one of our favourite breakfast spots and its original owners Michael and Amy Bates have now moved on to develop their new cafe, The Priory Kitchen or the Priory. They opened the doors to their new cafe in Woolloongabba’s new Trafalgar Lane on Monday 22 August 2016, so we waited a couple of weeks before visiting to let them settle in.

The Priory Kitchen

The Venue

The Priory is located at the front in Trafalgar Lane, a new development. It overlooks the Gabba stadium. Bright morning sunshine split in over the bar seats all along the windows. It is prime real estate for indifferently sipping your coffee and watching traffic speed past, if you’ve had enough of the morning paper.

Priory’s space is gorgeous with lots of room. A central station houses the massive coffee machine and bar. A frame of steel and wood hangs overhead, marking its territory and keeps a selection of potted plants out of the way, while adding a touch of fresh air to the hustle and bustle below.

The Service

The Priory was extremely busy when we arrived. We waited patiently at the door for a minute or so, before we were attended to.

There weren’t any tables available, but we said we were happy to wait for a table to become available. And we didn’t have long to wait before one freed up.

After ordering our coffees and meals at the same time, our coffee arrived at a reasonable time, but I was a little embarrassed that our meals hit the table before the customers next to us. They had ordered before us, but their breakfast was thankfully only two minutes behind ours.

The Priory Kitchen

The Priory Kitchen

The Food

If you were a Pablo fan, then you may find a familiarity in the Priory‘s menu. Leavain toast with preserves, breakfast trifle, avocado toast and savoury mince all make an appearance on the breakfast menu. The specials menu also included a pimped up beverage that sounded incredibly pretty and refreshing. I would’ve jumped all over the homemade French Earl Grey iced tea, if I hadn’t needed a coffee badly. By the way, the Priory‘s coffee comes from local roaster Bear Bones.

The lunch menu is currently very lean with only five choices. However with 10 breakfast offerings available till 3pm, you will still be spoilt for choice. Over the course of our breakfast at the Priory, it appeared the most popular dishes were the avocado toast and Eggs Priory.

For our breakfast at the Priory, we had the Bubble and Squeak Bhajis and Eggs Priory. Did I love it? Hell yeah!

The Priory Kitchen - Bubble and Squeak Bhajis. AUD$18

Bubble and Squeak Bhajis. AUD$18

Think beautiful fragrant and spiced Indian flavours with the Priory’s Bubble and Squeak Bhajis.

These crisp-on-the-outside and fluffy-on-the-inside fritters were made of baked maple bacon. We got four on the plate, with an ample helping of the smoked tomato compote, fresh herbs and a poached egg. Several dollops of minted labneh on cumin dukkah dotted the plate to mellow the spices. A toasted flatbread provided additional substance.

The Priory Kitchen - Eggs Priory. AUD$18

Eggs Priory. AUD$18

The Eggs Priory begins with your choice of sticky baked Christmas ham or beetroot cured ocean trout. That goes on top of a thick sliced homemade herbed muffin, that reminds me of toasted corn bread. Two perfectly poached eggs were covered in a bright sunshine yellow lemon hollandaise. Watercress with thinly sliced radish and smoked tomato added freshness and balance to the heaviness and richness from the sauce and muffin.

The Priory Kitchen

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