[Gold Coast] Betty’s Burger

When I booked my tickets to this year’s Problogger Training Event, we made it a bit of a family weekend down the Gold Coast. The SO booked our accommodation at the Hilton Surfers Paradise. The Gold Coast has seen a revival in preparation for the upcoming Commonwealth Games in 2018. This has meant there are lots of new restaurants and cafes in the area over the past two years, which is fantastic. The Gold Coast Betty’s Burgers is one of two outlets in the American style burger chain, and it is within walking distance of our hotel.

Betty's Burgers

The Venue

Betty’s Burgers is located on the busy tourist strip of Surfers Paradise Boulevard. Their al fresco dining area is positioned to overlook the tram line running right in front of it and is perfect for people watching. In fact, they have bar seating running along the front just for that purpose. I say it is clever marketing – why not induce some serious food envy by having customers dig into their burgers for anyone walking by to see?

Inside Betty’s Burgers is huge! There were lots of tables and booths, perfect for families and small groups. The atmosphere was casual and airy, and I loved the ceiling feature of hanging pot plants. On the other hand, I didn’t find the chairs particularly comfortable and they can be unwieldy to maneuver when trying to fit in a high chair.


The Service

A member of staff was standing at Betty’s Burgers entryway, greeting passersby and welcoming customers. Another staffer directed us to a table and went to bring us a high chair. A different staff member brought the high chair before someone else brought menus.

We were issued a wireless food pager after orders and payment were made at the counter. While waiting for our meal to be prepared, a nearby table of four young women were buzzed. One of the table’s members got up to collect their meal from the counter, but was told to wait at the table and two staff members helped bring out the rest of the meals.

No such table service for us. The SO got up and collected our order in its entirety for us.


The Food

Betty’s Burgers uses a very soft white bun as the basis for their burger. Thankfully both our Crispy Chicken and Betty’s Classic didn’t have too much juice that disintegrated them, so they were easy to hold and devour.

The Crispy Chicken burger starts with a crispy Southern fried chicken (really juicy, flavourful and I loved it), lettuce, tomato and Betty’s special sauce. Simple and tasty, and I reckon the better burger of the two.

Betty’s Burgers Betty’s Classic has Angus beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese and Betty’s special sauce. You could add an extra beef patty or crispy chicken for AUD$5, but the SO added crispy bacon instead for AUD$3. It was definitely classic in flavours and the vegetables were fresh.

We also ordered french fries (AUD$5) and crisp beer battered onion rings (AUD$6). I am a fat chips and wedges girl, so the french fries didn’t do anything for me. The onion rings were crunchy on the outside with lovely soft onion rings inside. Bubby had fun sucking them out of their beer batter shells.

Betty's Burgers

Betty's Burgers

Betty's Burgers - CRISPY CHICKEN. AUD$10


Betty's Burgers - BETTY’S CLASSIC. AUD$10 (added bacon AUD$3)

BETTY’S CLASSIC. AUD$10 (added bacon AUD$3)