Lazy breakfast at the Lazy Dog Cafe, Newstead

What are your Saturdays like? The SO and I spend countless Saturdays over the years going to home opens. Like many Australians, we have been renting and saving our pennies. It is all in the hopes to one day live out the Australian dream to become proud homeowners.

Attending home opens is a great way to explore different suburbs and study property values. It also happens to be a cheeky opportunity to sneak in a relaxing family meal at a new eatery, and that’s what happened last Saturday. We happened to be in the Newstead neighborhood with a decent gap between home opens. It was the perfect opportunity to have a lazy breakfast at the Lazy Dog Cafe.

Lazy Dog Cafe - indoor seating

Lazy Dog Cafe - front and order counter

Teneriffe and Newstead is seeing an influx of development, and the Lazy Dog Cafe is right in the heart of it. The cafe is across from Gasworks at the foot of a residential tower. Despite all the building activity in the area, the cafe was surprisingly peaceful and has a relaxing vibe.

It occupies a large dining area with generous al fresco seating. Some might say the outdoor setting is overlooking ‘parkland’, but the immediate area is more reminiscent of the rough sandy surfaces of Paris’s Parc du Luxembourg and the Louvre’s Tuileries Garden. It’s not a bad area for kids to run around in while you await your order, but there isn’t always a clear line of sight and until the trees mature, make sure the kids have their hats on.

And yes, dogs appear to be very welcome at the Lazy Dog Cafe.

Lazy Dog Cafe - menu

While the Lazy Dog Cafe seemed to have a number of staff, we had to help ourselves to the menus and place our orders at the counter. We were also invited to help ourselves to water and glasses at the end of the front counter.

The breakfast menu offered quite a number of options, but it was the ones on the All-day Breakfast menu that had me oogling with food lust: Nasi Goreng (Indonesian fried rice for AUD$17.10) and Duck Fried Rice (AUD$17.50).  I also wish we were there late enough for lunch. Lunch service starts from 11:30am and had items, such as Singapore Chilli Crab pasta (AUD$19.80) and Bulgogi Intercostals Burger (AUD$19).

The Lazy Dog Cafe Breakfast Burrito was described as ‘chilli con carne, cheese, avocado on two egg omelette served with salsa and yoghurt’. First impressions: I was surprised by how large the dish was! It really didn’t look like a burrito – more like a giant open faced (and generously topped) omelette. We can argue the semantics of ‘burrito’, but the Breakfast Burrito was delicious. The thin omelette was evenly cooked and all the ingredients were fresh. The chilli con carne had the gentle touch of spice to make it interesting, without making a chilli ameteur weep.

Their Acai Bowl on the other hand, was exactly as advertised: loaded with housemade granola and seasonal fruit. Now lots of acai bowls on Instagram are so loaded with toppings, you never see the acai smoothie below. That is usually because the bowl itself is small, but the Lazy Dog Cafe doesn’t cut corners – their bowl is large. The SO shared this with Bubby and they had trouble finishing it.

And it was everything an acai bowl should be: smooth, cold, refreshing with a heap of energising fresh fruit to kickstart your day.

Let’s hope there are more home opens in Newstead, because I’d like to stop in for another lazy breakfast at Lazy Dog Cafe.

Lazy Dog Cafe - Breakfast burrito. AUD$15.20

Breakfast burrito. AUD$15.20

Lazy Dog Cafe - Acai bowl. AUD$13

Acai bowl. AUD$13

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