Breakfast at The Blockhouse coffee + small bar

We were running a tad late for our breakfast at the Blockhouse coffee + small bar with friends Luke and Amanda.

“Are you sure we’re in the right place?” I asked as we drove deeper into suburbia.


Street after street of quaint houses finally opened up to a crisp white single-storey building, trimmed in black and polished decking. I sighed with relief as we drove into an easy park. And only 5 minutes late, I thought as I unbuckled Bub out of his carseat and lugged him towards Blockhouse coffee + small bar.

The Blockhouse

The Blockhouse

With hugs all around, we had already launched full steam into catch-up conversation. In between this and studying the menu, I was surprised to note Blockhouse coffee + small bar seemed spread out between 3 spaces – one that houses the kitchen, coffee machine, another opposite for the bar and smaller tables, and the common corridor between the two for larger table seating.

Plenty of space meant more elbow room, uninterrupted conversation and never worrying about Bubby’s high chair getting kicked by the comings and goings.

The Blockhouse

The Blockhouse - menu

The Blockhouse - Sandcrab omelette. AUD$19.50

Sandcrab omelette. AUD$19.50

The sandcrab omelette includes radishes, snowpea tendrils and citrus. After recently watching seven seasons of Gilmore Girls on Netflix, ‘snowpea tendrils’ just remind me of Sookie yelling at husband Jackson for bringing pea tendrils instead of brussel sprouts to the restaurant kitchen, yet tells him she loves him.

It was a surprise that the Blockhouse‘s omelette was flat and thin, rather than the fluffy half moons omelettes are traditionally prepared. It was an even bigger surprise how much sandcrab flesh was on the omelette.

The Blockhouse - Potato hashcake. AUD$17.50

Potato hashcake. AUD$17.50

This was – hands down – one of the best potato hashcakes I’ve had. Three large balls of potato mixed with persian feta were fried to crispy perfection, and served with a pair of lovely poached eggs and a couple of peas on some carrot puree. If you plan on ordering anything else on the menu, I would definitely recommend throwing in one of these babies for AUD$5.

The Blockhouse

3 fregg scramble. AUD$14

“What’s ‘fregg’?”

“It stands for ‘free range eggs’.”

Did you know that? I certainly didn’t. You learn something new everyday!

The 3 fregg scramble is three free range scrambled eggs with green onion, garden herbs, a light shave of parmesan on a toasted baguette.

Too many coffees later, we left Blockhouse coffee + small bar content with full stomachs and fully caught up.


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