Date lunch at Zero Fox

The SO and I rarely have the opportunity to have lunch together during the week. It is a shame, as he only works in the next suburb and there are a number of interesting lunch options down his way. I suggested – on a whim – that when Bub is at daycare the other week, I come down to have lunch with him at Zero Fox and he jumped on the idea – and his team came along for the ride.

The SO and his work team have already dined at Zero Fox a number of times, and have given it their thumbs up.

Zero Fox

Zero Fox

This modern Japanese (with some Korean influences) is the sister eatery to BRIO Breakfast Bar Dining next door. Think bowls (katsudon, curry and ramen) and sushi. Zero Fox tauts itself as being ‘modern Japanese’, so don’t expect a high degree of Japanese authenticity. Their kimchi fries (fries topped with cream cheese and kimchi) and Meong-Meong burger (spicy pork burger with pickled radish, kimchi, tomato, cucumber and perilla leaves, and comes with chips) are dead giveaways.

Like its neighbours the London Club and Claret House, Zero Fox offers both indoor and communal street/people-watching outdoor pub seating. It is perfect for a casual work lunch with colleagues or a lazy Saturday lunch.

Zero Fox - Kimchi fries. AUD$9

Kimchi fries. AUD$9

The kimchi fries were surprisingly tasty and I found my hand reaching into the bowl long after I was past full. Although the kimchi topping was soft (I prefer a little more life and crunch in the vegetables), it has a decent kick, which the cream cheese helped mellow out.

Zero Fox‘s  katsu curry chicken bowl is definitely not like the cheap AUD$10 katsu curry bowls you often find in shopping malls. For one, their katsu curry chicken bowl was served in proper dining ware and was drowning in a mild curry – just the way it should be. They also have generous chunks of soft potato and carrots draping across the crispy chicken katsu.

Like the katsu curry chicken, the katsudon chicken bowl has the same chicken katsu fillet, heaps of pickles and loads of rice underneath. There wasn’t much sweetness, which I like and the bowl also had fresh quartered tomatoes – a refreshing healthy touch.

Zero Fox - Katsu chicken curry. AUD$16

Katsu chicken curry. AUD$16

Zero Fox - Meong-Meong burger. AUD$15

Meong-Meong burger. AUD$15

Zero Fox - Katsudon chicken bowl. AUD$15

Katsudon chicken bowl. AUD$15

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