Breakfast at Billykart West End

It’s official!

We have only had one breakfast at Billykart West End, but I am already super jealous of our friends Stew and Tiff, who live in the apartment block above. They have direct access to such an amazing eatery right on their doorstep and they might not even need to get out of their PJs to grab a brilliant cuppa in the morning.

Billykart West End

Billykart West End

While the chilly wind blew up a gale outside, we walked into a full indoor dining area. Every table had customers, young and old, digging into plates stacked with fluffy buttermilk and ricotta pancakes (an especially popular menu item at the tables with kids) or crispy corn fritters.

We were really lucky to have walked in right as several tables were leaving and were ushered to a table with plenty of room to prop down a high chair for Bub.

Billykart West End

Pastry cart

Unfortunately a full restaurant means the kitchen got smashed. I watched the buzz in the open kitchen – chefs had their heads down, sliding thick slices of bread for toast and scooping out nests of eggs out of the fryer. Meals flew out constantly, yet we still had to wait 20 minutes for our breakfast.

Thankfully the coffees were quick and Bub was in a cooperative mood.

Billykart West End - Spanner crab & scallop congee. AUD$18.50

Spanner crab & scallop congee. AUD$18.50

The spanner crab and scallop congee was the PERFECT winter warmer. My first mouthful brought back all my childhood memories of home back in Singapore. Cooked and blended into a thick tacky smooth rice congee, the richness came entirely from the crab and scallop flavours. I would have loved a little more bits and chunks of crab and scallop, but the pickled ginger and crispy shallots provided the crunchy element. This is nothing like the thin watery concoctions you sometimes unfortunately encounter at yum cha restaurants.

Protip: say ‘hell yes’ if they ask if you’d like to add a poached egg to the congee.

Billykart West End - Aussie Asian eggs. AUD$23.50

Aussie Asian eggs. AUD$23.50

Now the Aussie Asian eggs doesn’t come cheap at AUD$23.50 a plate, but it certainly hasn’t stopped it from being one of Billykart West End‘s more popular dishes. If you have ever been to Malaysia or Indonesia and had ‘tahu telor’ (a traditional Indonesian tofu or bean curd omelette), the texture and presentation of the Aussie Asian eggs will be familiar.

Served drizzled with oyster sauce, the best bits of the Aussie Asian eggs were the skull island tiger prawn, bacon and the deep fried egg. The chilli had a bit of a kick, but nothing that would blow the average spice-eater’s top off.


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