[Perth] Petition Kitchen

It has been a real struggle deciding if I should put up this review of Petition Kitchen from our recent Perth trip. My photos turned out so awful: I forgot to bring the decent camera and the lighting was so low if it were any darker, I might’ve poked my eye out with my fork. The experience also had such a contrast of elements, I cannot decide whether we had an overall positive or negative dining experience.

But you know what? Let me edit the photos as best I can and describe what went down, and I leave it to you to draw your own conclusions. YOU be the judge.

Petition Kitchen

Now I didn’t do a LOT of research into Petition Kitchen prior to arriving in Perth. I had seen a couple of Instagram posts from fellow bloggers and it piqued my interest. My employer needed a restaurant to take a couple of clients – I made a phone reservation before sending him and over a dozen people to spend some serious dough.

When I asked a colleague who had joined them for the dinner how it went, the reply was sort of indecisive, so I bundled up Bubby and went down with the SO for dinner the next night to see for myself.

Petition Kitchen

We rocked up to an already busy early evening without a reservation. It almost looked like there might not have been an available table, but we were ushered past the open kitchen where kitchen staff were working with military precision on the evening’s orders to a table near the back door.

Petition Kitchen has quite a range of seating arrangements, including long tables perfect for groups enjoying the sharing menu. Unfortunately our table was one of the couple seats set against the back wall, which have barely much room between each one – I am a size 8 and worried my butt would brush the next table’s dinner onto the floor.

Our waiter introduced himself and presented the menus, before mumbling that it was his first day. He asked if we were interested in drinks before excusing himself, promising to come back with water and the day’s specials. He wordlessly brought the water and disappeared again without mentioning the specials. After studying the menu, it took us several minutes to get anyone’s attention to take our order. There were still a number of empty tables, so it wasn’t as if Petition Kitchen was at capacity.

Petition Kitchen

Roasted mushrooms, salted ricotta, warrigal greens, potato. AUD$20

Petition Kitchen

Burnt pumpkin, farro, pickled ginger, silken tofu. AUD$19

Petition Kitchen

Lamb rump, roasted turnips, minted peas, gremolata. AUD$38

Petition Kitchen

Market fish, cod roe, sofrito, aubergine, watercress. AUD$36

In saying that, the food came out of the kitchen and hit our table quickly. The flavours, textures and presentation were magnificent. Each dish had a unique personality and fairly generously portioned for share plates.

My absolute favourite dish would be the burnt pumpkin, but it was intense and complex. Bring to mind the most mind blowing Japanese meal and intensify the umami-ness of seaweed, ginger and tofu flavours ten-fold – that’s what the burnt pumpkin rocked my world.

If you have a delicate palate or less adventurous, the lamb rump would be my recommendation – succulent melt-in-your-mouth slices perched on a slightly chunky puree of peas with a delicate hint of mint.

The SO loved everything too and was pained when pressed to name a victor.

At the conclusion of our meal, it again took us awhile to get staff attention to bring the bill. They brought the wrong bill and we had to wait several more minutes for the correct one to be delivered, and several more for the portable credit card machine to be found and delivered to make payment.

While the level of service was not up to our expectations for the price point, the food might almost be worth it. What do you think?

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