Our 3 least used baby gear

Bubby’s first year is almost up! Time has flown faster than I could have ever imagined.

As I look over the things he’s outgrown to make way for things that’ll fit and stimulate him as he develops, there are several things that never saw much use. We have been lucky that some were either gifted or easily listed on Gumtree to make a couple of bucks (every penny counts!), but I thought I might share our 3 least used baby gear and ask if anyone else saw much use of these during their newborns’ first year.

So here we go!



Image from babycenter.com
It seems everyone swears by swaddling, especially after Kate Middleton stepped out of the hospital with Prince George swaddled in Aden + Anais. It’s supposed to simulate them in the womb, which comforts and calms them.

But Bubby HATED being swaddled from day one. I remember him struggling to wriggle his arms free immediately after he had been swaddled at the hospital. Once his arms were out, he would settle to sleep peacefully. We ended up using our swaddles as blankets for the worst days during our mild Brisbane winter.


Cosleeper mat

Cosleeper mat
Living in a small apartment meant we didn’t want to overcommit to additional furniture before Bubby was born. I had also grown up in a cosleeping family and was keen to see if we could do the same for our own family.

A friend kindly gave us a cosleeper mat, but it took up so much space on our queen bed! Neither the SO nor I could get comfortable. I also found it made breastfeeding through the night difficult, so abandoned it once I was sure we didn’t have issues cosleeping.


Baby walker

Steelcraft Zoom Baby Walker
There is plenty of articles as to whether baby walkers help or hinder a child’s walking development.

Well, they were all moot points, as Bubby started walking at 9 months. Our brand new baby walker didn’t even get a month’s use.


I’m sure we would’ve had more if we bought everything we were told we would need. In many ways, being very conscious of the limited space in our apartment has prevented too much waste. Otherwise our 3 least used baby gear might have been 10 or 20. Eek!

What baby gear didn’t you use as much as you thought?