McDonald’s Create Your Taste

Fast food is a once or twice a year phenomenon in our household. We are neither fast food junkies nor super food nazis, so it’s taken us awhile to try McDonald’s Create Your Taste.

McDonald’s Create Your Taste is a service launched at select McDonald’s stores last year, allowing customers to customise their own gourmet burger from a selection of over 35 ingredients.McDonald’s has also listed the calorie count of each ingredient, so weight watchers can make better informed choices as they create their burgers.

We had a bit of fun creating our own burgers from the touch-screen monitors before sitting down to an empty table to await the results.

And surprise surprise! They weren’t half bad at all! The burgers arrived piping hot. The lettuce was crisp and fresh. The beef patties were juicy and cooked through.

Dare I say it?

We’d have them again.

McDonald's Create Your Taste

The SO’s creation on a bakery bun and all the trimmings

McDonald's Create Your Taste

My creation on a brioche bun

Curious about what burgers we had? Here is a look at the ingredients.

McDonald's Create Your Taste

McDonald's Create Your Taste

The quote on their little wet wipe sachets was cute too.