Singapore: Chinatown

I recently stumbled upon on a list of 50 Weird Things Every First Visitor To Singapore Must Do, Eat And See. How many can you tick off?

Chinatown is probably one of the best places to tick a lot of those food related items, and it is one of my favourite places to hit up whenever we’re back in town. We had breakfast there with the family and visited for lunch – it hasn’t changed all that much since our last visit.

Don’t know what to have? Suss out what everyone else is having and if you like what you see, ask them where they got it from. There are usually several stalls selling the same thing, so no one bats an eyelid if you ask for the location of the one they ordered from.

Chinatown 2015

Super popular toast and coffee stall. Try their thick kaya and butter toast!

Chinatown 2015

Chinatown 2015 - Bak chor mee

One of my favourite meals: bak chor mee.

Chinatown 2015 - Popiah making

Chinatown 2015 - Popiah

Popiah, the Chinese version of the fresh spring roll

Chinatown 2015

Braised pork hock

Chinatown 2015

Takeaway cold dishes

Chinatown 2015

Sea kelp pastry

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