Don’t defy The Defiant Duck

There is an unspoken challenge with a moniker such as the Defiant Duck – don’t defy the Defiant Duck! It speaks of a brazen unapologetic and quirky character. That initial impression seemed a little at odds with this American joint, which at first glance looks like a crisp casual upmarket not-quite-fastfood restaurant.

Defiant Duck

The Defiant Duck is part of the Moubment Group stable, which includes Gerard’s Bistro, Gerard’s Bar and Hatch & Co. With siblings of that calibre, our expectations for The Defiant Duck were – needless to say – high.

Defiant Duck

Defiant Duck

It started off very well from the very first moment we walked through the door. It was a rainy early afternoon and there certainly wasn’t busy, so we were greeted at the door and offered a range of seating locations to accommodate our little family.

After we had strapped in Bubby to a high chair, we studied the menu. One entire page was dedicated to how the Defiant Duck is home to a josper oven. The last time I heard ‘josper oven’ was when Alfred & Constance launched in 2012. To hear that Brisbane can now claim to be home to another is an occasion to rejoice – there really is something to be said about food cooked in one of these. The Defiant Duck have even taken out the guesswork of figuring out which menu item has been cooked in the josper by slapping a ‘JO’ badge against them.

Defiant Duck

With that said, don’t avoid the other menu items. We opted for the Maryland jumbo crab cakes to start and while they weren’t JUMBO jumbo, they were certainly a mouthful of succulent sweet crab flesh that really didn’t need any of the offered fennel pickle or chipotle mayo . They sang perfectly well with just a squeeze of fresh lemon.

The Defiant Duck - Maryland jumbo crab cakes (3 cakes). AUD$10

Maryland jumbo crab cakes (3 cakes). AUD$10

The Toasted Reuben sandwich and Coca-Cola beef ribs are josper oven offspring. The Defiant Duck‘s version of the Reuben sandwich has lightly toasted rye, thinly sliced corned wagyu silverside, Swiss cheese, TDD tomato relish and sauerkraut with a generous pickle crown. A satisfying lunch number if you’re not feeling particularly carnivorous.

The Coca-Cola beef ribs are offered in half or full rack, but unless you are starving or plan to share, half a rack should be plenty. The half rack was one monster wagyu beef rib. The slightly sweetened meat melted on the bone, leaving plenty of opportunity to slather on the mustard mayo and crisp ‘slaw. The plate is dominated by the rib, so I recommend ordering an additional side to share – the sweet potato fries is a good one.

The Defiant Duck - Toasted Reuben sandwich. AUD$12

Toasted Reuben sandwich. AUD$12

The Defiant Duck - Coca-Cola beef ribs - half rack. AUD$25

Coca-Cola beef ribs – half rack. AUD$25

The Defiant Duck - Sweet potato chips. AUD$5

Sweet potato chips. AUD$5

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