Cafe 63 in New Farm

Even though Cafe 63 in New Farm is ridiculously close by and I walk past it almost everyday, it took me well over six months to drop by. That is how stiff the competition for our dining dollar is in our district.

Since it opened, Cafe 63 in New Farm has grown popular for its breakfasts during the week and the weekend crowd of New Farm Park visitors.

And why wouldn’t it? The service – while admittedly slow and sometimes neglectful – has always been welcoming and friendly to a fault. And rather than piddly tiny chairs or hippy overturned milk crates that many cafes opt for seats, Cafe 63 have gone big with their seating – catering well to large family and friends groups. In fact, the weekly mothers’ group Bubby and I join frequent Cafe 63, as there’s plenty of space at the back for prams and rugs. To those seeking plenty of room, come forth!Cafe 63

Cafe 63

Coffee aficionados will be pleased to learn Cafe 63 uses Di Bella beans for their brews. The Cafe 63 barista thankfully doesn’t abuse the coffee grounds, but I was surprised by the AUD$5 price tag on a mug of skinny latte. It might not be as ridiculous as the AUD$8 coffees in Oslo, but has coffee gotten so expensive recently? The Cafe 63 branded cookie that accompanies every cup is a nice touch though.

Cafe 63

The Cafe 63 menu is huge (and that’s not including their seasonal specials). Each option comes christened with monikers, such as Mountain Climb (scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and toast for AUD$12), Post & Rail (scrambled eggs with mushrooms and toast for AUD$15) and Top Spin (scrambled eggs with grilled tomatoes and toast for AUD$12).

Of course under the classics section, many of the breakfast options were variants on the big breakfast – Elle MacPherson was scrambled eggs with bacon, cheese and hash browns with toast (AUD$16), while Carbon Tax was similar except had sausages instead of bacon (AUD$16).

Then there was the Tardis (Bircher muesli with Greek yoghurt, berry compote and roasted macadamia nuts for AUD$6) vs Base Line (porridge topped with berry compote, pouring cream and brown sugar for AUD$9).

I cannot really tell if there’s a theme to the names, so it’s a bit of a mystery how they got them. I’ve had their Emirates, which is a stack of potato rosti with poached egg on top of creamy mushroom and bacon, grilled tomato and toast. The rosti, poached egg and mushrooms were great. The grilled tomato could’ve done with more grilling and the bacon could’ve been crispier. The toast was just slices of multigrain sandwich loaf, so wasn’t particularly more exciting than toast at home.

Our mothers group however regularly meet at Cafe 63 for lunch and while I haven’t tried them yet, their sandwiches have looked much more inviting.

Cafe 63

Emirates. AUD$14

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