A unique breakfast at Cafe O-Mai

There are some friends we don’t get to see often, so we leap at the chance whenever it comes round. But things have gotten tricky with Bubby – with his bedtime around 7:30pm, catch-up dinners are hard and he is a much better morning person than either the SO or myself. So when friend Sharon came up from Sydney and reached out, we organised to have breakfast at Cafe O-Mai, a cafe that’s been on my to-visit for far too long.Cafe O-Mai

Cafe O-Mai

Cafe O-Mai‘s menu is a marriage of Western and Vietnamese cuisine. Breakfast options will be familiar on the Western front: eggs on toastbrioche french toast and sweet corn & zucchini fritters just to name a few. I found the selection with Vietnamese influences far more enticing. Banh mi (vietnamese baguettes) for breakfast? Yes, please!

Sharon picked the Vietnamese Omelette, a generous crescent thin omelette blanketing prawns and pork mince, sprouts and mushroom serviced with your choice of toast or jasmine rice and house made soy sauce. We had watched the table next to us order this one, and the scent of hot wok and fresh spices was too intoxicating!

I had the Aunty Five’s Claypot Baked Eggs, a bounty of sliced Vietnamese lemongrass pork sausage with mushrooms, tomatoes and onions bubbling in a sweet tamarind sauce within a hot earthernware pot. This uniquely sweet yet savoury meal was incredibly filling, and certainly wouldn’t have been out of place at a lunch or dinner.

Not photographed was the SO’s baby pho. This dish is a dine-in offering only and came as three options: beef AUD$8.50, free range chicken AUD$9.50 and vegetarian AUD$9.50. It might’ve been touted as a ‘baby’, but it was not to be trifled with. Having chosen the traditional beef flavour, it arrived with all the usual trimmings one might expect for pho – bean sprouts, thai basil, a wedge of lemon and sliced chilli for extra heat to customise it to your liking.


Vietnamese Omelette. AUD$17


Aunty Five’s Claypot Baked Eggs. AUD$16

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