HONOR FOOD Co., New Farm

I’ve watched the retail space that HONOR FOOD Co. now resides turn over so many times, it seemed almost cursed. Yet when HONOR FOOD Co. opened for trade with its crisp white signage and simple furnishings, a grain of hope took root. Maybe we might have another great cafe to add to New Farm!


My first visit was before they had completed the extension beside the building. Converting what was once a driveway and parking space into an additional undercover seating area was a stroke of genius. With a bar-stools facing New Farm Park, one could relax on a quiet weekday morning over a cheesey scone or watch the rough-and-tumble soccer practices on the weekend while savouring a slice of caramelized orange cake.  The extension certainly takes advantage of the gorgeous sunshine we have the privilege of enjoying here in Brisbane.

HONOR FOOD Co. itself isn’t very large, but its menu certainly have a variety of options that should give everyone something to lust for. That’s not including the daily selection of fresh pastries, rolls and sandwiches at the counter. I’ve had their pork, apple and fennel roll on the run, which was absolutely stunning.

I would love to see their Middle Eastern breakfast become a permanent menu offering. It had roast pumpkin, chickpeas, olives, labneh, dukkah, poached eggs with flat bread – a hearty number that was a joy to scoff down with a smooth skinny latte.

While their savoury mince was another hearty number, I thought it could’ve been cooked longer to reduce the watery consistency. Loaded with lentils and beans, the slice of lightly toasted bread made this one quite the tummy filler.



HONOR FOOD Co.: Savoury Mince. AUD$16.50

Savoury Mince. AUD$16.50


HONOR FOOD Co.: Middle Eastern Breakfast. AUD$16

Middle Eastern Breakfast. AUD$16

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