Making my own labneh

“Omelette du fromage!” – Dexter’s Laboratory

I have a thing for all things cheese. Cow, goat, sheep… it doesn’t matter – fromage is my kryptonite. Yes, even the fast-food version of powdery parmesan out of a Kraft shaker tin.

And to prove my case, allow me to present the following evidence:

  • I would choose a cheese platter over a sweet dessert any day.
  • Cheese alley is my favourite section at the annual Good Food and Wine Show (I was heartbroken when I went while pregnant and had to forgo all the soft cheeses).
  • When we couchsurfed in Paris, I asked my host to take me to a fromagerie (he did and I thought I had died and gone to heaven).

I even made feta with a Mad Millie kit some years ago. While it was fun, making feta at home was a little more nerve wrecking and tedious than I am willing to do on a regular basis.

But while browsing Pinterest, I discovered a recipe for labneh, the soft fresh cheese that is a regular feature in Middle Eastern cuisine. The recipe also called for nothing more complicated than yoghurt, salt, a piece of mueslin/cheese cloth, a sieve, bowl, olive oil and whatever aromatics you have on hand – all items already familiar residents in our kitchen. And of course, time.

Two days later, I am making my own labneh. My hands were covered in a mild white creamy coating as I rolled the soft cheese into balls to marinate in a recycled jar with olive oil, green peppercorns and fresh rosemary from the balcony garden. What I’ve already licked off my fingers tastes amazing and I cannot wait to savour the fruit of my very meagre labour in another few days.

Did I mention I love cheese?

Making labneh

Making labneh

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