Oslo: Louise Restaurant & Bar

The Oslo harborside is one of the most picturesque parts of the city and taking advantage of the summer days, we had a seafood lunch at the Louise Restaurant & Bar to linger just a little bit longer and soak up the gorgeousness surrounding the water side.

Louise Restaurant

Louise Restaurant

We had the most attentive service at Louise Restaurant & Bar – our waitress brought water immediately when she noticed I was breastfeeding Bubby as we were studying the menu. And the bread basket arrived shortly after we had placed our order.

I enjoyed the Moules Frites from Trondelag best from our meal. The pot held 600g of fresh mussels from Snadder & Snaskum in Trondelag, Norway’s oldest mussel producer. The organic locally farmed shellfish had been steamed with white wine, shallots, chilli and cream. Even though much of the weight would’ve been the shells, we still found ourselves full enough to leave much of the chips and aioli behind.

The Baked Lobster Tail was served with lemon butter and coriander, sugar peas on a bed of crayfish linguini and ramson oil. While the lobster tail itself was delightful to pull from its bright red shell, the SO and I agreed the thick pasty brown sauce that served as the bulk of the dish was underwhelming.

Louise Restaurant

Louise’s Creamy Fish Soup. KR125 (s) KR165 (l)

Louise Restaurant - Louise's Creamy Fish soup. KR125 (s), KR165 (l)

Louise’s Creamy Fish soup. KR125 (s), KR165 (l)

Louise Restaurant

Moules Frites from Trondelag. KR182

Louise Restaurant - Baked lobster tail . KR195

Baked lobster tail . KR195


Louise Restaurant & Bar
Stranden 3, 0250 Oslo, Norway
Phone:+47 22 83 00 60