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Disclaimer: The SmartCup™ was provided free by frank green and iD Collective for review. I am not financially compensated for this post. 


I am a technology laggard ie. a person who makes slow progress and falls behind others when it comes to technology. While the SO jumps onto the Apple the minute a new product is released, and routinely funds projects on Kickstarter, I hang onto my gadgets till they are long past their expiry date and die a horrible and painful death.

On the other hand, I do enjoy my coffee and took to bringing my own reusable mug to cafes as often as possible to do my part to save the planet. And my reusable mug is just waaaaaay cuter than those dull takeaway paper cups.


But as you can see, it’s huge and even with two shots, my coffees are usually really milky. I really should use something smaller.

Frank Green is fusing technology and function with their newly launched SmartCup™. This reusable cup is embedded with a microchip that allows its user to go cash free. Tapping the lip of the cup to a sensor would process payment instantly at the local cafe, but you’ll need their app CaféPay™ to sync it. CaféPay™ is set to launch next month and once it is available, you’ll be able to download the app and be on your way.

Frank Green SmartCup


Frank Green SmartCup


  • One handed, push button operation opens and closes the SmartCup’s™ spill resistant lid
  • Double walled thermo plastic outer layer with non-slip grip to keep coffee hotter for longer
  • Accommodates regular (230ml) and large (340ml) coffee sizes
  • BPA free and non-toxic high quality materials that are stain and odour resistant – taste your coffee and not your cup
  • Comfortably fit in standard cup holders
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning (not the lid though)
  • Designed and made in Australia

Oh, and Frank Green is donating AUD$1 from every SmartCup™ purchased online to Earthwatch.


How it performed

What I loved:

  • The size, which is perfect for a medium coffee
  • The materials used
    • It’s fantastically ‘grippy’ – perfect when I’m holding it and pushing the pram at the same time.
    • It’s easy to clean.
    • It insulates well and keeps my coffee nice and hot.
  • The drinking hole flows well without being huge.



  • Leak-free it is not. The leak in mine is tiny and while it doesn’t drip onto clothing copiously, it is still annoying enough that if left against a fabric, coffee will wick out. If you use a mug holder, this won’t be much of an issue.
  • After washing the lid, it still has water trapped inside and has to be tipped out.
  • CaféPay™ still hasn’t launched, so I cannot give the most unique feature about the SmartCup™ a spin.

I hope CaféPay™ launches soon, so I don’t have to drag along my wallet, which – to be honest – is about the size of a brick with all the spare change I need to pay for my cuppa Joe.

Do you use a reusable coffee mug? Where did you get yours?


Disclaimer: The SmartCup™ was provided free by frank green and iD Collective for review. I am not financially compensated for this post. 

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