Frankfurt: Langosch am Main

Almost everything is shut on Sundays in Germany.

I know, right?! I was absolutely godsmacked to walk through Frankfurt’s city centre and except for a couple of eateries (and Starbucks), nothing was open for trading. Lesson learnt: do not spend a Sunday in Germany. Thankfully we found Langosch am Main for lunch.

Langosch am Main is what I’d call a funky little number. Like most European eateries, Langosch am Main has both indoor and outdoor seating. Since it’s summer, everyone was enjoying the sunshine outside. However we sun-fearing Asians and un-tannable Caucasians sought shelter from the cigarette puffers and headed indoors. The decor inside is a mish mash of shabby chic refurbished grunge furnishings and exposed brick walls. Langosch am Main is also unabashed about endorsing the consumption of alcohol and the revival of face-to-face conversation (ala Die! Mobile phones! Die!) – making it my kind of place, if I wasn’t breastfeeding.

Langosch am Main

Falafel salad. 13.90€

The Frankfurt summer was so warm, I only felt like a salad for lunch. Langosch am Main offered a number of vegetarian and vegan options, and their falafel salad tickled my fancy. It is vegan friendly and super generous! The rustic earthernware had four chunky rolls of crisp falafel, candied walnuts and was loaded with fresh greens, tossed in couscous.

Langosch am Main

Steak sandwich LANGOSCH style. 15.90€

Served on a bed of fat chips in a deep fat fryer, this steak sandwich baby has a proper slice of steak and was coupled with bacon and fried egg. The steak was a great cut with lots of flavor too! Langosch am Main does lose points for serving this in a fryer, because no one wants to be reminded their meal choice is potentially going to give them a heart attack.

Langosch am Main

Tuna tartare burger with sweet potato fries

The tuna tartare burger was a menu special and my sister was rather disappointed with it. Priced at 22€, it was the most expensive thing at the table, but one of the smallest. Rather than a burger bun, the tuna tartare was sandwiched between two toasted hunks of baguette and skewered with a cherry tomato. While my sister didn’t fault the tuna, she hadn’t realised the tuna would come so minced (I suspect she didn’t know tartare meant it would be minced) and would’ve preferred if it had been a tuna fillet or steak between the bread instead.


Langosch am Main
Fahrgasse 3, 60311 Frankfurt