Frankfurt: Ding Ding Sheng

We came all the way to Germany and what did we have for dinner?

It turns out that despite being German residents, my sister and her husband had never been to Frankfurt before and were devoid of any eating recommendations. We frantically punched away on our mobiles to search for something close by and Ding Ding Sheng popped up.

Ding Ding Sheng is not a terribly big eatery and certainly doesn’t offer any frills. Diners can choose to dine inside (might get a bit stuffy if it’s really busy) or outside (and contend with the proximity of traffic to your food).

However the food at Ding Ding Sheng was surprisingly really good and about as authentic as you might get outside of Asia. Every dish had that authentic wok-hei flavour and we were all impressed. No wonder the place was full of Chinese customers!

The menu was in Chinese and German, but my Chinese reading proficiency is shit and my brother-in-law, being unfamiliar with Chinese cuisine, couldn’t make sense of the German menu. Thankfully the staff were from China and spoke Mandarin, so I was able to converse with them to place our order.

Ding Ding Sheng

Stirfried water spinach

Ding Ding Sheng

Panfried tofu in vegetables

Ding Ding Sheng

Kungpao chicken

Ding Ding Sheng

Slow braised pork belly with hardboiled egg

This sticky braised fatty pork belly was absolutely melt-in-your-mouth divine!


Ding Ding Sheng
Moselstr. 23
60329 Frankfurt