Fishtales & Golden Pig present Fisherman’s Club

After my amazing Golden Pig Cooking School sourdough and bread making class, I signed up for the Golden Pig mailing list and recently received notification about their upcoming event on Monday, July 13.

Fisherman's Club

I wish I could go, because I LOVE seafood. But our oceans and waterways are suffering under our relentless fishing practices and unforgivable rate of pollution. And I wish I could say fish farming is a sustainable alternative, but there are numerous reports about the industrialised practices employed in that sector that result in a less-than-ideal product. This class sounds like a fantastic way to learn more about where our seafood comes from.

Unfortunately it’s a long class (with alcohol) and we won’t be bottle feeding Bubby yet. Instead I’m sharing the love, so if you attend, I might live vicariously through you.

Disclaimer: I have not received any compensation to share this event from either organisers. I just wanted to share a potentially wonderful evening of food, wine and sharing that’s being put on by some wonderful people.