Having too many cards

I’m a little ashamed to admit that I’m not a very loyal customer. While I certainly have my favorite brands (Lupicia for tea, Leona Edmiston for frocks, Cue and Ojay for corporate wear, etc), a fanatic I most certainly am not. Yet I have accumulated mountains of store membership and loyalty cards – whenever a sales rep asks if I’d like to join their free membership, I say ‘yes’ faster than the Road Runner on speed.

Hey, don’t judge me for wanting to enjoy a discount whenever I shop. But this explosion of plastic has made my long suffering Bonia ostrich leather wallet rather obese and it has now threatened to refuse to close. Rather than getting a bigger wallet, I hunted for an alternate solution and decided to sew a separate wallet with some scrap fabric just to house these cards that aren’t used frequently.

Card wallet

Card wallet

My Bonia wallet is still my regular go-to baby and all my important cards, such as EFTPOS, credit, Medicare and driver’s licence cards. And cash, of course.

The fabric one, on the other hand, holds up to 12 cards – more if I’m willing to double or triple the cards per pocket. It’s perfect for slipping into one of our diaper bag pockets and keeps everything well-organised.

To make this card wallet, I followed this tutorial, but modified the clasp with a cloth covered button and a piece of hair elastic.

Card wallet

Card walletHow do you organise your wallet and various cards?