Burgerfuel, Fortitude Valley

Burger Fuel

There has been an explosion of burger joints in Brisbane – not quite the food trend one might expect after generations of nutritionally dubious fast food, but I suppose with the ballooning population of dude food and the resurgence of all things ‘manly’ (beard oils anyone?), burgers were bound to reclaim its standing as a desirable and optimal food choice. And why not, seeing as burgers are taking up the game in quality and variety?

Burger Fuel

New Zealand franchise Burgerfuel has now joined the fray and expanded to Australian shores. Their Fortitude Valley Emporium store is their first in Brisbane – they have another on the Gold Coast. Deviating from the classic bright red colour ways many burger joints adopt, Burgerfuel’s striking The-Artist-Formerly-Known-As-Prince shade of purple would be difficult to miss as it’s been incorporated into the menu boards and plump American diner style booth seats.

Burger Fuel - Bio Fuel. AUD$11.50

Bio Fuel. AUD$11.50

The Bio Fuel burger hails with a grass fed beef patty, free range egg, beetroot, salad, relish and aioli. The SO had one with his work colleagues before and was quite happy to order it again.
The SO also ordered a side of spud fries (AUD$4.90) to share and I was surprised it arrived with aioli. One of the things I sorely miss about fast food dining is the lack of free condiments – back in Singapore, you usually have at least a choice between ketchup or chilli sauce at any establishment. The fries were thick cut and simply salted, so a perfectly respectable side.

Burger Fuel

All Burgerfuel burger orders come with this nifty little paper contraptions. Dubbed the ‘doofer’, I learnt that it’s a hamburger packaging device that contains your hamburger during consumption, licensed in Australasia by Burger Fuel, an award winning gourmet hamburger franchise. Which makes perfect sense if the burger wasn’t so moist and dripped a lot – not a point I’m complaining about, seeing as I would much rather have a wet burger than a biscuit dry one.

Burger Fuel

Burger Fuel - Flame Thrower. AUD$12.20

Flame Thrower. AUD$12.20

The Flame Thrower is a char grilled chicken breast with jalapeno sauce, avocado, salad and relish and aioli, which I had without the bun and it arrived instead wrapped in crisp lettuce cups. MOS Burger used to offer a similar burger concept several years ago, so it’s nice to see another burger joint offering this as a no-carb option. Like the Bio Fuel, I had to juggle with a very drippy ensemble, particularly as my Flame Thrower was overly generous on the sauce and didn’t have a bun to soak some of the liquid up. Good thing they had bathrooms to wash one’s hands post-meal.

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