DIY Project: Kimono cardigan

Am I too late? Have I missed the summer kimono cardigan fashion trend?

You know what? Screw it. Everything in fashion comes back around and I’m sure it’ll be hip again if it isn’t.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt as a psoriasis sufferer is that black is not your friend. Every skin flake you shed shines like a lighthouse beacon on black clothing and you look like the sorry unhappy ‘before’ character in a dandruff shampoo ad.

Unfortunately for me, a lot of maternity wear tends to be black for the sake of versatility. So what’s a girl to do?

Sew her own camouflage full of colour to distract the eye! And the kimono cardigan is one of the simplest. You don’t need to buy a pattern – just plan your fabric blocks based on your measurements and away you go on the sewing machine.

This first kimono cardigan took me about one hour to measure out, another hour to cut out the pieces and an hour to sew together, so this is quite a quick and easy project you could complete in a day. I followed Elle Apparel’s KIMONO COOL tutorial. The fabric is a silky satin from Lincraft, which frays easily, so it took me a little longer to finish the edges. But for $20 for 1.5 metres of fabric, I’m not complaining.

Kimono cardigan

Kimono cardigan

Sleeve detail