Provincial Restaurant & Bar, Gold Coast

It was our last night on the Gold Coast before the return to reality of work and life. The SO did a little online research and suggested we visit Provincial Restaurant & Bar on Tedder Avenue for dinner to top off our little vacation. Surrounded by well-maintained apartment blocks and luscious well-established trees, Tedder Avenue – according to the SO and his father – is a rich man’s quiet suburb centre. If the shops and eateries are any indication, they might not be far off the mark. There was no shortage of busy food businesses to cater to the ravenous desires of the locals.

We almost missed Provincial Restaurant & Bar. The simple ‘P’ on their signage was easy to overlook amongst the louder and brighter boards up and down the street, but I appreciated howProvincial Restaurant & Bar ebbed that subtlety into recreating a charming relaxed establishment. How Parisian!

Provincial Restaurant & Bar

Barramundi. AUD$27.90

The Barramundi is the “Grilled fillet of Barramundi topped with crushed macadamia nuts and shredded coconut, served on a prawn & coriander risotto, with a coconut curry broth moat”. The curry broth was quite creamy and the risotto well cooked. This was quite the flavour kicker and the better of our two dishes.

Provincial Restaurant & Bar

Provincial Marinara. AUD$28.90

The Provincial Marinara was described as  having “Tiger Prawns, Scallops, Victorian Mussels, Calamari and fish filet reduced in seafood broth with EVO, basil, tomato and chilli” in your choice of risotto or pasta. I opted for the pasta and while the seafood was my disappointment was that my pasta lacked the flickering tickle of chilli that would have elevated the dish to perfection. Had the chef forgotten the ingredient or simply held back to avoid the wrath of the chilli virgins? I might never know, but it was certainly missed.


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