Breakfast at Moray Cafe

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November and December are our busiest times of the year and perhaps that’s why at this time of year, time seems to disappear. I’m already wondering where all those days went, because it didn’t seem all that long ago we were celebrating the new year and looking forward to the year ahead.

In fact, if you think about it, there are only six more weekends to 2014. That means we only have the opportunity to grab 12 lazy breakfasts, sweltering summer lunches and leisurely dinners. It’s almost enough to give me a panic attack!

Although I haven’t put a dent in my list of new venues to visit, the SO and I decided to revisit an oldie but goodie, while waiting for our giant duvet to finish its wash cycle at the local laundromat in preparation for summer storage. Moray Café is an institution in the New Farm area and has had a lick of paint quite recently. With the refreshed vibe and raising temperatures, I had their healthy bircher muesli with chia and goji berry puree. This chilled breakfast came loaded with fresh seedless grapes, giant blueberries and in-season strawberries. This was thankfully not unnaturally sweet, making it a pleasure to dig into and savour.

Bircher Muesli with chia and goji berry puree

The SO on the other hand, had a go with their brekkie burrito and was stunned by how much food was piled on the serving board. Besides the burrito, Moray Café provided a generous serving of fresh salad greens with halved cherry tomatoes, all lightly tossed in a dressing.

Brekkie burrito

The generosity continued with the behemoth burrito stuffed with bacon, fried egg, fresh avocado, smashed hash cake, tomato relish and crisp spinach. The hash cake formed the bulk of the burrito and we found it too gluggy and almost paste-like. The SO ended up scooping out and leaving most of it on the board.

Despite the disappointment with the brekkie burrito, I wouldn’t go so far to say Moray Café has lost favour in our eyes. Not yet anyway.

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