Chur Burger in Fortitude Valley

Chur Burger

I normally don’t venture very far from the city centre during the week, but I had to take the day off for a 4-hour hospital appointment and two doctors’ appointments. The upside to getting poked and prodded with needles all day (my left arm was covered in cotton ball, medical tape and bandaids) was that the SO was willing to take me anywhere for lunch to boost my sorry spirits. I took advantage of the situation to suggest visiting Chur Burger and didn’t even have to sell him the fact that their burgers are only AUD$10 each.

Chur Burger

Yuppy and hipster – these were the two adjectives that came to mind as we walked into Chur Burger. The last of the straggling lunch crowd were young executive types with rolled up sleeves, coiffed beards and perfectly tousled bed hair. Music was pumped in overhead (at a louder decibel range that I might normally like) and a psychedelic magnitude of street art covered the walls. The ceiling sparked the same wood panels as the tables, repeated etchings of ‘Chur Burger’ – as if to constantly remind punters of where they are. Perhaps customers do need it, seeing as Chur Burger has a good range of alcoholic beverages available to wash their food down with.

But since I’m off alcohol for awhile (doctor’s orders) and the SO was driving, we turned our attention to the food instead. I went for the beef burger and the SO opted for the pulled pork burger, with sweet potato fries to share.

Chur Burger - Beef, pickle, cheese, tomato jam and Dijon mayonnaise. AUD$10

Beef, pickle, cheese, tomato jam and Dijon mayonnaise. AUD$10

The beef burger came on a crisp toasty brioche bun with pickle (pickled ribbons of zucchini/cucumber), cheese, tomato jam and Dijon mayonnaise. Usually offered as a medium rare, I requested for a medium-well done patty – again, doctor’s orders. With lowered expectations about the condition of the patty, I was very pleasantly surprised with this perfectly presented burger. The patty was fairly thick and didn’t drip any juices, yet the insides were just the tiniest touch pink and still really moist.

Chur Burger - Pulled pork, Chur BBQ sauce, red slaw, fennel mayonnaise. AUD$10

Pulled pork, Chur BBQ sauce, red slaw, fennel mayonnaise. AUD$10

The pulled pork burger was served in the same toasted brioche bun with Chur’s BBQ sauce, red slaw and dressed in a fennel mayonnaise. This burger might be the Chur Burger star. What the pictures and description failed to convey was how drippy a burger this was. To say the pulled pork is juicy would be an understatement – the SO’s plate looked like a flood of meat juices with swirls of mayo drippings. There was no chance of one coming away from that burger with clean hands.

Not pictured were the sweet potato fries, tossed in lime and garlic salt (AUD$5). These were thick hand cut – crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside. These were great for experimenting with the variety of hot sauces at each table. My favorite out of this lot is the Huffman’s Hot Sauce, whereas the SO preferred the Melbourne Hot Sauce in Chiptole & Cayenne.

Chur Burger

The world at large has been spoilt with the idea that ‘bigger is better’ and in recent years, burgers have grown to mammoth proportions. For the ravenous eater, this is a well-loved trend, but do we really need a burger bigger than our faces and loaded with every ingredient bar the kitchen sink? Chur Burger have admittedly slightly smaller burgers than its contemporaries, but they’re not microscopically tiny either and it’s a blessing to see burgers refocused on simple good quality ingredients.


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