Necessity forces me out of procrastination

I usually have a million projects lined up in my head to get round to, but there never seems to be enough time to get any of them done. Then once in a blue moon, I get restless or necessity forces me out of procrastination – I knuckle down to churn out a couple of things.

I haven’t left Australia in a couple of years and didn’t realize my passport expired. When I was issued a new one, I went hunting for passport holders. I didn’t find anything I liked, so I followed this tutorial to make my own with some fabric I picked up when we were in Tokyo 5 years ago. Being a fabric hoarder has its perks.

Passport holder

Make your own with this tutorial

Then our clothes peg basket died. We had been using a white plastic waste basket I bought from Ikea some 10 years ago, but the plastic started disintegrating to the point it cannot hold the pegs anymore. I got desperate, but didn’t want to trek all the way to Ikea to pick up a new one.

Plus we don’t really need more plastic in our lives, so I did a bit of research and found this adorable clothes peg tutorial. An hour, a spare clothes hanger and leftover fabric from my circle skirt phase later, we have a new clothes peg holder that I think is ridiculously adorable.

Clothes peg holder

Make your own with this tutorial

What projects have you lined up?