Ribs & Burgers on James Street

Ribs & Burger

Ribs & Burgers recently hit the James Street scene and hasn’t stopped the tongues waggling since. Not to be left out, the SO and I trooped down to check them out for a weekend lunch.

Ribs & Burger

Ribs & Burger

Ribs & Burger - Onion rings. AUD$5

Onion rings. AUD$5

The first order item to hit the table was the onion rings and I was smacked with disappointment. What was supposed to be crisp rings of golden brown sitting in the paper didn’t even look like rings. Instead they resembled a heap of tiny shavings – or if you’re familiar with Japanese cuisine, Tenkasu (天かす) literally meaning ‘tempura refuse’. Those are the little bits of tempura batter that broke away when frying up tempura and is sometimes used as a flavoring ingredient and a garnish. There was the flavor of onions in the mix, but honestly I wouldn’t order this one again nor recommend it.

Ribs & Burger - Cajun chicken burger. AUD$14

Cajun chicken burger. AUD$14

At least the main stars performed better. The Cajun chicken burger might not look as large as some burger joints’, but the chicken fillet was juicy and moist. The inside of the bun was also slightly toasted, though the bottom of my bun arrived soggy from all the chicken’s juices.

Ribs & Burger - Beef ribs with chips. AUD$27

Beef ribs with chips. AUD$27

But the most impressive was the SO’s beef ribs with chips. The portion was MASSIVE! I do not recommend tackling this monster board, unless you have been starved the whole day (preferably two days), a hardcore carnivore looking to reduce the bovine population singlehandedly or willing to share with your dining companions (with their permission of course).

The slab arrived on a bed of regular chips (you have the option of salad if you want to at least TRY to be healthy) and was liberally coated in Ribs & Burgers‘ smoky sauce, which I found a little on the sweet side.

Ribs & Burgers also offers a condiment station with a range of other sauces you can choose from, including wholegrain mustard and Tabasco. Not bad if you like to turn up the heat.

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