Malaya Corner in the city

Malaya Corner has three locations in Brisbane, but we have only ever dropped into their city store – usually for a quick dinner when we have a craving for Asian to tide us over till the next appointment later in the evening.

Unlike my favorite city-based Asian eatery Satay Club, I cannot find Malaya Corner listed anywhere as halal, so it’s something to take note of for Muslim friends. That said, they don’t do a bad curry or roti, and prices aren’t too bad for the portion size with mostly timely service. It’s staffed and frequented by Asians, which in my book, is a good indication that the food is at least decent.

Malaya Corner - Dry curry egg noodles. AUD$12.90

Dry curry egg noodles. AUD$12.90

The dry curry egg noodles are a thin egg noodle tossed in curry sauce and topped with chicken and BBQ pork with blanched veg on the side. Not a bad dish and isn’t spicy at all, but I have stronger preference for the flavours of a dry wonton noodle, which is similar without the curry flavor.

Malaya Corner - Hokkien mee. AUD$12.90

Hokkien mee. AUD$12.90

I’m much more familiar with the paler wetter prawn and pork lard based version of Hokkein mee, but this doesn’t mean Malaya Corner’s version is any less authentic. In fact, their version is the darker Kuala Lumpur style stirfried Hokkien noodles done in dark soy sauce some might know it as ‘Hokkien Char Mee’.

This dish was served with an assortment of animal protein: chicken, beef, prawn and calamari. I found this dish bordering on slightly saltier than I’d like, but it packed flavor and I suspect it’s because they use pork lard.

Malaya Corner - Penang Prawn noodle (har mee). AUD$12.90

Penang Prawn noodle (har mee). AUD$12.90

I love a good Penang prawn noodle and Malaya Corner served up a pretty good one. The mix of vermicelli and Hokkien noodles swam in a rich prawn broth with prawns and BBQ Pork.

Malaya Corner - Char keow tiao. AUD$12.90

Char keow tiao. AUD$12.90

And of course there’s the char keow tiao. It was decent, but not something to write home about. I found it less greasy than Little Singapore’s version, which is a plus.

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