Quick breakfast at Sourced Grocer

Sourced Grocer, Brisbane

There are a couple of cafes we rarely visit, on account of the lack of parking and/or notoriously difficulty in securing a table. Sourced Grocer is one of those unfortunate candidates which suffer from both these aliments. After exhausting the usual breakfast suspects in the area, we decided to try our luck at Sourced Grocer and struck it lucky with a park nearby.

We didn’t want to push our luck too far, so tagged team with the SO lining up to order and I went to get some seats (and texting him my order) to admire the floral centrepiece at the central table in front of the order counter.

Despite the spill of customers everywhere, including the steps, breakfast and our coffees didn’t take too long to come out, but with so many people crammed in such a small space, I hesitate to linger for long.

Sourced Grocer, Brisbane

Bangalow ham toastie with pickles

Sourced Grocer, Brisbane

Hot smoked salmon on rye with lemon wedge


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