Bean on Dean in Toowong

Early morning blood tests are the bane of my existence. I have shitty veins (have you seen the epic evolution of my blood test bruise on Instagram?) and coupled with general dehydration from 8 hours of sleep, needles and I are never the best of friends that early in the day. However, when blood collection clinics are only open from 7am till 9am, I have to metaphorically (and physically) suck my shit up and just go with it.

The upside to waking up early though is rewarding myself with a decent breakfast neither I nor the SO had to make ourselves. Or wash up after ourselves for the privilege. But having exhausted the options in our little neighbourhood, we went further afield into a suburb we used to have familiar with: Toowong.

Toowong has long held a reputation for being a student suburb. With the University of Queensland not far in one direction and the river walk that takes one to the Queensland University of Technology in the other direction, Toowong has established public transport options and an array of amenities, restaurants and cafes that don’t encourage any resident to stray too far.

Bean on Dean is a little bit further from the main action surrounding the Toowong Shopping Village, but that contributes to its charm. If you’re up early enough, it’s a gentle stroll from the village and training station up Dean Street and around the bend at the top of the hill. If you’re lazy, we found ample on-street parking on both sides of the street.

Bean on DeanSpeaking of charm, Bean on Dean has a bit of a rustic a-little-left-of-centre theme going with its re-purposed vintage metal bar stools, recycled paint drums and industrial spool furnishings. Perhaps the owners love DIY-ing, if the wall montage of workshop tools were any indication.

Bean on Dean

Bean on Dean

Bean on Dean

A simple place with a simple menu is never a deterrent. With a selection of sweet treats, like cookies and muffins, it would seem more were in favour of a savoury breakfast that morning.

Bean on Dean - Homemade Boston beans with parmesan on sourdough. AUD$12

Homemade Boston beans with parmesan on sourdough. AUD$12

Boston beans are typically sweetened with molasses or maple syrup and flavored with salt pork or bacon. Bean on Dean‘s take on the homemade Boston beans wasn’t sweet. Instead it was surprisingly spicy – not that’s I’m complaining, since I like my spice. It was just unexpected and I’d imagine not great for families ordering this for young kids who are not used to heat.

Bean on Dean - Bacon and egg roll

Bacon and egg roll

I had more food envy looking at the SO’s choice of the bacon and egg roll. These were kept in the refridgerated glass cabinet, but arrived lovely and toasted. And the egg still had some golden yolk ooze to it, so they obviously know how to treat their eggs. Yum!

Bean on Dean - Bacon and egg roll

Oh, and I loved that outside, someone had put out a metal doggie bowl under a tap and marked it with an arrow and the word “Puppies!”. Now how cute and neighbourly is that?


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