Siam Square Thai Restaurant

I don’t talk about Siam Square Thai Restaurant much and haven’t blogged about it, because it’s our local and I selfishly want to keep it to myself. We also often order takeaway and photographing their food in those plastic takeaway containers doesn’t do it any justice.

So we dropped in on Friday after work to dine in to save some plastic and give you a little sneak peek at one of our go-to places.

Siam Square Thai Restaurant

Siam Square Thai Restaurant

While the décor at Siam Square Thai Restaurant is dark and rich with patterned fabric and dark woods, I wouldn’t particularly say it provides a romantic ambience. The tables are set quite close together, making it tricky to squeeze into the booth style seats without potentially butt/groin grazing the next table if you’re a larger build.

All the tables are pre-set and the paper napkins are adorably folded into an origami lotus. And service clears tables and resets them quite quickly, so you don’t usually have to wait long for service.

The menu has plenty of familiar Thai items – pad thai, green curry, spring rolls, so for those who prefer it tame, there’ll be something in it for you.

Siam Square Thai Restaurant - Roast duck salad. AUD$16.90

Roast duck salad. AUD$16.90

The roast duck salad is a spicy roast duck with lychees (tinned) and fresh vegetables tossed in a Thai dressing. It had a generous proportion of pineapple, herbs and lettuce – and too much sliced onion (my onion breath lasted till the morning). I like the duck with lychees flavour combination, especially with the slight spice kick.

Siam Square Thai Restaurant - Pineapple fried rice. AUD$15.90

Pineapple fried rice. AUD$15.90

My mum makes a very mean with fresh pineapples and coriander, but Siam Square Thai Restaurant makes a very mean version. In fact, it is often the SO’s go-to dish from the restaurant. Their pineapple fried rice is rarely gluggy, arriving piping hot with plump fresh prawns and bite-sized chunks of pineapple.

If you plan on hitting up Siam Square Thai Restaurant, I would also recommend their Panang curry. It’s a traditional mild curry with coconut milk, spices and limes. It’s slightly richer in flavour than the usual green or red curries, and its thick creaminess goes so well over a bed of fragrant jasmine rice. All their curries come either with chicken, beef or vegetables.

Oh, and their pad thai. It’s not fancy, but it’s more than decent and generously portioned. I usually like to add more dried chilli flakes, but I’m a sucker for pain.

Siam Square Thai Restaurant runs an early bird takeaway special of AUD$10 for any curry in either chicken, beef or vegetables between 5pm and 6:30pm – we often grab this on the way home and cook a pot of rice to go with it.

The only thing I would love for Siam Square Thai Restaurant is for the lady boss at the counter to smile more.


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