SOL Breads is supporting Cherish Women’s Cancer Foundation

Disclaimer: I was provided a SOL Breads Cherish 6 Loaf Pack by SOL Breads.


Am I the only one who often feels like the city is crawling with young adults, recruited to hold their hands out or pounce on the average unsuspecting desk monkey to sign up or donate to a variety of charities? My daily walk to the bus is littered with these packs and I usually put on my best ‘fuck-off’ face to avoid their memorised spiels about how I need to better the world with my hard-earned dough.

But I think SOL Breads is on the right track with their fundraising campaign in the fight against women’s gynaecological cancer, an issue that’s been close to my heart since I was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

SOL Breads will donate 50 cents for every loaf purchased until 1st May 2014 to support Cherish Women’s Cancer Foundation and gynaecological cancer research, aiming to raise AUD$75,000.

Or if you’re a bulk purchaser, pick up the SOL Breads Cherish 6 Loaf Pack (there’s also a gluten free 6 loaf version) and they’ll donate $3 to the Foundation. The 6 loaves are $35 plus freight, but usually $49.50 plus freight. If six loaves is a little much for your average household consumption (ever tried freezing your bread), share with friends and family!

SOL Breads Cherish 6 Loaf Pack

And in case you haven’t heard about SOL Breads, they have been around for such a long time – I first found out about them when I came to Brisbane as an international student back in the early 2000s. And they have been churning out baked artisan loaves ever since.

My personal favourite SOL Breads’ loaf is their spelt fruit, which is full of sultanas, organic currants, dates, poppy and sesame seeds, and sunflower kernels. You don’t get many commercially available fruit loaves as good as that.

SOL Breads Cherish 6 Loaf Pack

SOL Breads Cherish 6 Loaf Pack

Breakfast toast with the SOL Spelt Fruit Loaf

SOL Breads Cherish 6 Loaf Pack

Steak sandwich with the SOL Kamut Loaf

That said, the other loaves such as the kamut make a very good sandwich bread.

Disclaimer: I was provided a SOL Breads Cherish 6 Loaf Pack by SOL Breads.  

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