Not quite the breakfast I wanted at the Burrow, West End

The last time I had visited The Burrow was after the Yelp and Giddyup photography walk late last year, but the SO and I had last been to the cafe together 2 years ago and there was no doubt plenty must’ve have changed.

Why had we waited so long to drop in again? In all honesty, it’s the parking situation. That end of West End is simply shocking for finding a park and we often drive off in frustration at having waited ages for something to free up.

Turns out the trick is to have a very early breakfast. We rocked up, had a breeze of a park and walked in to a relatively calm The Burrow. But alas, the perfect breakfast was not to be.

Breakfast at the Burrow

“Off with your Head!”. AUD$22

The “Off with your Head!” was the mother of all breakfasts. No guesses for which of us ordered it. This death by breakfast plate had black forest bacon, free range organic eggs your way (scrambled in this case), malt bread toast, ranchero beans, roast mushrooms, morcilla and potato hash with a Red Queens Virgin Mary shooter. This would be your hangover friend.

I however wanted the Wookie Waffles – the Han Solo version, which has black forest bacon and maple syrup. But several minutes after taking our order, our waitress returned to say the chef was cursing up a storm, because the batch of batter he had prepared the night before had gone missing. They had turned the kitchen and fridge upside down and inside out to no avail. No waffle batter, so she had to ask if there was anything else I would like.

Terribly disappointed (I really REALLY wanted waffles), I ordered a much more mundane The Bacon Enter instead

Breakfast at the Burrow

The Bacon Enter. AUD$14

Then halfway through my meal, the waitress slid up next to me and rather sheepishly said they had found the waffle batter. Someone had taken it upstairs and stored in a different fridge – something so out of norm, the chef was still super annoyed. She very kindly offered to doggie-bag my Bacon Eater, not charge us for it and the chef would cook up the Wookie Waffles for me. It was an extremely kind offer, but seeing as I was already halfway through my breakfast, I was sure I wouldn’t be able to finish a serve of the waffles, so declined.

So even though I didn’t quite get the breakfast I wanted, we certainly got a very positive service experience from The Burrow  and I really hope to go back to have those Wookie Waffles.


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